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What do you give out at Halloween?

Asked by Divalicious (2170points) October 2nd, 2008

Do you buy your favorite candy plus a non-favorite, and give away the icky stuff first? Or do you buy all good stuff and hope for leftovers?
I need to know so I can plan my Trick or Treating route.

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i fill this bag full of candy, then make a hole in the bag, pull my weiner through and…nah, this is just too wrong, haha

i wish we had halloween though, i think i’d give a lot of chocolate :)

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A different mix every year. It’s always a lot of variety because I usually end up with all of it and don’t want to eat one of anything a day for the next year.

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OMG. Come here. I will give you a basketful!

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I buy my favorite stuff and munch on it throughout the night and of course I hope for leftovers.

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I used to buy the good stuff, then I realized that I eat all the leftovers. When I was a kid I hated getting boxes of raisins, but now I understand that I am not the only one with self-control issues around this time of year!

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I hand out pennies and carrots.

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Las year I only had one kid stop by….my baby bother cuz my sister had to use the bathroom. I dump all 5 lbs of chocolate in hi bucket and let him drink a can of soda while watching cartoons with me I was so happy for company.

I plan on spendin it in the hospital with my bf’s pap this year

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hey, it worked so well for me here that I figured I’d try it again

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Rice and beans.

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I just place a sign on my front door (in English & Spanish) that reads, “Sorry! No one is home, except the guard dog, who has rabies, and knows how to fire a gun.”

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you know, usually people give out candy, but hey! whatever!

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I only give out the good stuff cause I hated getting the crappy cheap stuff as a child. Example: that crappy,hard as hell gum, bazooka, I think that’s what it was called. It was like almost round, and light pink.

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I had a Spanish teacher in middle school who handed out the full size candy bars. No one ever came to her house, though, so she would give us the leftovers. I had her all three years, so I got giant candy every November 1st in middle school!

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I turn out the lights and hide. Actually, I usually go to the bookstore and hide.

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chocolate…I ususally buy tons because I sample it before trick or treat…just to make sure it’s good for the kids! If I’m not home I’ll leave a big bowl on the front porch with a sign to take two.

We get a lot of kids—vans full from neighborhoods that it’s not as safe to trick or treat in. I love seeing the little kids!

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