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How to move Quark software from one computer to another?

Asked by nycq (5points) October 2nd, 2008

I have QuarkXPress on one computer. This computer runs on Windows 2000 and has 2 hard drives installed. When I try to open Quark on this computer it says that “QuarkXPress 7.0 requires the computer to be running Windows XP or higher”.

I cannot locate the disk of Quark. But I have another computer with Windows XP on it. So I want to move Quark from the computer with Windows 2000 to another computer that runs on Windows XP.

Questions: How should I move Quark from the computer it is currently on to another which has the capacity for it to run? Should I try to save Quark on to a CD or a portable hard-drive? Is there some other way to save it? Which files do I need to save (there are many)?

OR: Should I try to remove one of the hard drives from the computer that has Quark and re-install it on another computer?

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I actually don’t think any of those are a possibility. If you have a legal copy of it, but have the license around, I’d attempt to find it on the torrents and just register it with your legal key.

What confuses me is you have it on Win2000, but how did it get on there initially if it doesn’t run on 2000? You cannot just burn the quark program from program files. It doesn’t work that way. You need registry entries and the such as well.

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Moving entire contents of a hardrive is possible only for QuarkXPress 6 from G4 to G5 however,you will need to re-activate QuarkXPress because of the system change.

Once the application is transfered you can activate over the internet or over the telephone.

Moreover, any version of QuarkXPress prior to version 7.31 is not compatible with Mac Leopard operating system 10.5. If you are running any version of QuarkXPress 6 on Mac 10.5 you may notice some odd behavior. QuarkXPress 6 is only certified to work on Mac OS X v10.3 and 10.4 (and Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP).

I would suggest upgrading to QuarkXPress 7.31 or later for compatibility with Mac 10.5.


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