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Tips/resources for costume making?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) October 2nd, 2008

my SO and his little bro want leatherface masks (texas chainsaw massacre movie) for halloween. we’re not big on sewing, but would like to try crafting one ourselves. any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

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-A lager/oversized beanie that’ll stretch to the neck.

-Out line w/ a perm. marker (while wearing the mask) where you want the eyes to be.

-Do the same for the mouth, outline 1st then cut out

-Take patches of material (or leather if ya got it) and glue it to the beanie

note: This adds affect and texture

You can typically breathe through a beanie.

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Remove Beanie before cutting.

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THx fireside

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Another idea would be to find a sturdy mask that fits well. ( I call these blanks) then stretch and glue the leather right over it. We used to do this to make those masks that you hang on the wall for decoration. And again don’t be wearing it when you cut out the holes. LOL!

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