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What halloween costume should I wear?

Asked by Rotwang (296points) October 2nd, 2008

I am male, in-shape (have some muscle, could show it off a little), and in a climate that will be fairly cold on the 31st.

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Be a squirrel

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Be superman!
It’s easily detectable.
Everyone loves a super-hero (@ least of somekind)
You’d represent that (old) heros never die
All Supermen were hunks!
So, if you got the bod, slip it on.
Have fun w/ a few one liners.

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I find superman is funnier and cheaper the way my English teacher did it every year. Black fake glasses, a superman t shirt and a bit of red cloth hanging out the back of your pants, under near a white button up undone and khakis, etc.

It made him look like he just got back frm saving the planet, or was about to at least. But oh wait, no, he’s just gonna make us read The Great Gatsby instead.

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@asmonet damn I wish I had the black hair. I’m blond… good idea tho.

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Be the Fluther jelly

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be aquaman

old hero blond and has abs to die for

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@rotwang Cheap dye. Wig.

Other ideas: Any barbarian. Fur, club, skin showing, loin cloth.

A professional dancer from Dancing with the Stars Dress shirt with no buttons open to the navel. Men’s ballroom dress pumps.

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I like Aquaman as an idea

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Paul Bunyan. You can wear a plaid flannel shirt for warmth but leave it a little open in the front to show off your rippling muscles. Dirty jeans. Boots. Suspenders. Hat. Axe. Start growing a beard. Bonus if you can convince one of your friends to dress up as Babe the Blue Ox.

I was Paul Bunyan last year for Halloween and it was a hit.

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go as Britney Spears. Suck up the cold weather.

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How about a Viking?

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how about pallin? you could drag along a stuffed wolf…and an old man!

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Ah, then if you’re blond, go as this guy

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A suit, a bucket, and fake money: you can be there to bail out wallstreet (or get bailed out).

Wear a black suit and change who you are all night. (James Bond, Death, Alfred, etc.)

Secondary characters from popular movies/shows. Get some friends together on it, though. So like April, Casey, and the pizza guy from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The coffee shop owner from Friends. The idea is to be recognizable in a group.

Peanuts characters.

Beetlejuice: an old black suit and masking tape. If it doesn’t fit quite right, that’s even better.

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@ stratman
That’s not blond, thats platinum!

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Go as a girl. lmfaooooo ;P

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