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How many Flutherites will be watching the debates tonight?

Asked by asmonet (21350points) October 2nd, 2008

If you won’t be, why not? Is there anything you’re looking forward to? play nice
FYI: My friends and I are going to a debate party tonight to watch. I can’t frickin’ wait!!

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count me in, I’m just interested to see the whole thing. Trying not to have any preconceived expectations.

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not me…....I think it is awaste of time and TV space. I will go take a long bath instead

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I’m in.

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Me. But I just want to see the difference when Tina Fey does her impression on Palin lol. Tina Fey is scary good at it and she looks soooooo much like her lol.

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My Gosh!
There’s 3 here in the house that can’t wait.
So, total Fluther count….I’d say…...7

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I will start, but cannot guarantee I will stick if it is boring or disgusting.

VP Debate Drinking Game

I will take a drink every time Sarah Palin says “Well,”

I will take a drink any time any candidate says “There you go again.”

I will take a drink every time any candidate says “the American people.”

I will take a drink every time any candidate says, “Main Street not Wall Street.”

I expect to be happily toasty.

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there you go again will not work as they ae only allowed to speak to the questioner and not directly to each other according to the news

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As always, I’ll be working.

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Geez, I don’t know. It’s only going to be on 24 channels simultaneously.
Doesn’t really seem that important…

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@ Marina – What about “Maverik” ?

for those who are watching,

here are some interesting notes on how Palin has debated before from people who have debated her.

And here are some other observations.;_ylt=Aie5PU1xYPdU2vMgTIUvz11h24cA

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I hate politicl debates cuz its just feather fluffing…...You get one snippet of knowledge for 3 hours of hot air

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Im as exited as I get when I watch a Macworld Keynote.

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Comedy event of the year. Cant wait to hear all the knowlege palin bestows upon us.

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I hope to see Palin provoked into many endless sentences and open thoughts.

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I’ll be there…in about 15 minutes!

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Yeah, it’s on Comedy Central, right?

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Sadly, it was not as funny as I’d hoped.

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I thought she was. I really thought she was just to hick.

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@Bri_L Yes, your prediction of maverick as the “it” word was right on.

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