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If you could change one feature - physical feature on your body...

Asked by lorrissey (21points) October 2nd, 2008

Would you do it? what would it be and why?

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I would have less fair skin that allowed some tan and had no freckles.

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I would remove my excess weight. Would look better, feel better and be healthier

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nothing. God made me this way for a reason.

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I’d like to have small breasts. These damn things are always in my way.

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I’d like the same as Marina. No matter what, I can’t get a tan. I go from freckles to a tiny bit tan to red as a lobster.

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Belly-thinned out shapely.
Hips- To match the rest of my figure

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I have big hips and a booty. Even when I’m really thin my back side is large. I’d like a smaller hip/butt region.

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syz i hope thatd come with removing my extra weight…...I havent seen my toesin over a decade

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@tinyfairy You can give some to me. I have such a flat ass, my pants fall off.

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@Mitsu I’ve actually had a breast reduction – they just seem to insist on growing back.

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I cant afford one but itd be nice….gravity is not my friend

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I would take off excess skin with the weight…aybe mine would finally have some perk to them…...without a wonder bra

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More tentacles.

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i would get rid of my belly fat. you wouldn’t notice it when im dressed, but with a tight shirt or shirtless, its an unnecessary bulge.

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I tend to say that I wouldn’t want to change anything, because I think I take my health and able-ness for granted a lot of the time. That is to say that there could be a lot more wrong with me, and there isn’t, so think that I shouldn’t whine about my small boobs or love handles.

That said, there is one thing that bugs the crap out of me. I don’t tell a lot of people about this, but for some reason I feel like sharing. My sternum goes out instead of in or flat like most people, so I’d like that to be more normal-looking. Sure would make shopping for bras and bikinis a little less tedious.

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I don’t get it. Some of you maybe a little overweight, have too big of breasts, or a small penis. But like I said, God made you that for a reason. Why change? I mean, 1. it of course costs money (for most of those things) and plus, if someone doesn’t like you just because you don’t have the best physical features, what kind of person is that? I’ll tell you. Someone who doesn’t understand the beauty inside of someone. Someone that only cares what is on the outside and doesn’t care about the inside. I wouldn’t want to be around that person.

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Different bits! SRS is too expensive and after having brain surgery in 2002 I’d rather avoid any other surgery if I possibly can. So if I could just magically change a physical feature, that’d be it.

@Comedian—God makes mistakes. True story, otherwise I wouldn’t exist. And what if the person who can’t understand the beauty inside of you is YOU? What if you have trouble losing weight by dieting/exercise/etc. but really want to in order to be healthier or just to feel better about yourself, instead of because of what other people think? What if you want smaller breasts because the size they are now makes your back hurt or you don’t like the attention they get from other people?

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Our physical appearence is controlled by our genetic makeup and environmental factors, nothing more.

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my complexion. I would KILL to have a clear, smooth complexion. Im blessed with ugly skin. I hate it so much it makes me sad.

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Mine has already been mentioned, by someone else.

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your boobs are too big too huh? :)! Just playin

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You peeked!

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I thought Jack probably wanted more tentacles.

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I would suck out all my body fat and give it to someone else!

Then I would get ankles. I’ve trunkles now. Always wanted ankles.

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My chin/jawline. I have a mis-aligned jaw, so practically no chin. It would take 5 grand, and breaking both upper and lower jaws to fix. Then braces. Not gonna’ happen.

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I’d like to lose my birth control weight. Just ditch it. (Of course, I’m working on that now and it seems to be working.)

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@comedian- Mine is also for my health as well as vanity.

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