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Do you brush you dogs teeth?

Asked by chyna (44367points) October 2nd, 2008

I read an article on ways to keep your pet healthy and brushing their teeth was one thing to do. Is this going too far, or is it something that really should be done?

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Um…I attempt to, but my dog eats like anything, so when I put the dog toothpaste on (it smells really good lol) the brush, my dog just tries to lick it off. She also bits the brush, so when she does, I just move it back and forth lol. she is a tough (hungry) tomato.

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I know a dentist who brushes her dog’s teeth, not every day, like once a month was the feeling I got. She said that since healthy gums are linked to a healthy heart because of some complicated mechanism with bacteria I didn’t really understand, it could increase their lifespan.

In terms of whether it’s “going too far” I guess it just depends on your feelings toward your dog. I probably wouldn’t do it, but if someone wants to, bully for them.

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I’ve had some success with Allie‘s suggestion to use Greenies instead.

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if you start when they’re little, it’s easier. I give them bones…the dental kind.

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Feed your dog dry dogfood. It’s better in the long run for their teeth. I usually give me dog a Dentastix as a treat.

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No. She chews alot and the vet says her teeth look great.

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