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Coffee = Fattening?

Asked by clairedete (331points) October 2nd, 2008

Is drinking a small coffee with skim milk, vanilla flavoring, and artificial sweetener every morning fattening?

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I don’t think coffee has calories but the cream, flavoring, and anything else you put in it have calories.

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in a word, no…
why would it be?

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The artificial sweetener may eventually poison you, however, Why not just have a little sugar? (!8 calories in one teaspoon, I think.)

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only over a hundred studies have shown splenda to be safe, but hey, it might poison you!

so could the radon emitted by earth’s core, why not move to a different planet!

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Did Claire mention splenda specifically?

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No, you are right. I didn’t. Mea culpa.

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There are several sites that offer info on this topic.

As this one reads:
“A plain cup of brewed coffee contains zero fat and only a couple of calories. But it’s how you “dress up” your coffee with “extras” that can make a difference in its fat, sugar and calorie count.”

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When I have been on diets I have switched from my regular latte to short black or espresso… few less calories and the caffine hit is like a diet pill!

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