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My puppy swallowed something weird, what do i do?

Asked by jenjen567 (51points) October 2nd, 2008

My 9 week old puppy was just out in front of my apartment having some potty time and she ran off and found something in the grass. The first time she got a hold of it I was able to fish it out of her mouth, but she was getting ready to swallow it. She found it again and this time she swallowed it.

It felt like wood or something hard and it was gone before i had a chance to find out what it was. It seemed like it was bigger than what she usually poops out.

What do i do? what is going to happen to her? I am freaking out and i need all the information you can give me!!! Thank you so much.

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I probably wouldn’t worry about it too much. First just keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t start acting weird. Laying around more than normal, drinking more than normal, etc. If the puppy can get it down her throat 2 things will either happen. If the strong stomach acid won’t tear it down, which it typically will very quickly but if it doesn’t it will come back up and she’ll throw up. I honestly wouldn’t worry about, my puppy ate a dead bird last year and pooped the feathers out within a couple days. Puppies and dogs for that matter eat whatever, wherever they can and don’t typically have issues with it. If it was a piece of wood or something, it’s no problem.

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Get him to the Vet, ASAP.

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I agree with critter. I’m not a vet. My 12 year old jack russel would eat everything I couldn’t get to first, and he’s fast. The vet said same as critter observation is best and take action if needed. My dog teddy always deposited the consumed nasty treat on my lawn :) in other words what goes in will come out. Don’t be to hard on yourself. Good luck to you and poochie.

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My beagle once ate something that we couldn’t identify. He began to get very sick.

We rushed him to the Vet and all the Vet said after treating him was, “We got all of the poison out of his system.”

We THINK he drank some ANTI-FREEZE.

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i’d watch him carefully, if he acts strange at all, get him to the vet asap. puppies eat so much crap!

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Why don’t you just call your vet, and let him tell you what he wants you to do.

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I’d also just say to watch the pup and see how she does over the next 24–48 hours. It’s probably nothing – my border collie probably swallowed cumulatively an entire landfill of garbage while he was young and ‘recycled’ it in oddly predictably, like a slow moving pipe.

Make sure she always has water to help pass it along and monitor the stool for anything out of the ordinary (mucus, blood, etc.) Also pay attention to her and take her out to poop rightaway when needed.

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yes call the vet but don’t freak out. sounds like the dog at a piece of bark or something. i would also like to take this opportunity to tell you a story. when i was a kid my dog ate a box of crayons and took rainbow poops. it was awesome.

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How’s your puppy doing?

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Think it could have possible been paper from magazine

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or of course something else, he is into everthing

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The pup might have swallowed a piece of magazine, or something else, he is very busy, trying to be very careful about not having anything lying around.

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He just was sick bringing up bile, nothing solid. It is nealy 3AM. vets are asleep, just answering machines.

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