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Straight to DVD movies?

Asked by tinyfaery (42972points) October 2nd, 2008

Blockbuster has several exclusive movies that were never out in the theaters, but have big names nonetheless. I don’t get it. Were these movies made to be released on DVD, or were they not picked up by cinema distributors, and were thus relegated to DVD? Or is there some type of film company that produces straight to DVD movies?

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It depends. Some stuff goes straight to DVD because of quality. Sometimes it’s because of content. Sometimes it’s a lack of public interest. Sometimes things are simply planned to go straight to DVD. Are there specific titles you’re wondering about?

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Yeah why did MedellĂ­n go straight to DVD? jk

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Though I can’t give a great example right now, I’ve seen some of these DVDs with A-list celebrities. I’m just wondering how a movie with a big name star goes straight to DVD. Producers shell out millions for these celebrities. Why would they risk such an investment on a movie that is only available at Blockbuster?

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Grilled was straight to DVD and had some pretty famous people in it such as Kevin James and Ray Romano.

“Originally set for theatrical release in 2005, the film was pushed back both domestically and internationally secondary to poor test screenings. Ultimately the film was release direct-to-DVD in the domestic market under a new title.”

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Sometimes contracts come in pairs. If you want to be in this good movie you have to agree to be in this bad movie.

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I never saw a “straight to DVD” movie that was of any quality.

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As of the 21st century (at least the past 5 years or so), companies like FOX and WB and such are shooting for theater revenue less and less and are aiming there films to make money in DVD Sales. If they think the movie will do good enough, they will also release it in theaters… and of course they are only going to produce movies that they think will do good, so most films do appear in theaters first… just not all.

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The Netflix company has many movies that are straight to DVD also and they’re exclusively from Netflix under their title of Red Envelope Entertainment. I’m not sure if the Blockbuster exclusives are their competition against Netflix in this regard but I suppose it could be.

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