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Is it an advantage to buy a shell for Macbook?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) October 2nd, 2008

I bought a shell for my Macbook, and used it for about four months. I realized that it made my notebook a lot heavier, and I liked the way the white Macbook looks without it, so now I’ve taken it off. Are there any real advantages to having a shell?

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Not unless you’re traveling or commuting a long way. I’d rather travel light.

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Scratches. That is about it. I wouldn’t use one since I don’t care if it gets a few scratches on it.

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I have owned an iBook for over four years and have never used a shell. The notebook has a few scratches (and a small crack from when I dropped it), but otherwise it still looks new. Of course, Apple may be using different materials in their newer laptops…

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I’ve had a shell on my white MB for the past year or so and I took it off today when I replaced my battery. I think it’s more scratched now than it would be if I had never used the shell! I was planning on taking the shell off for good, but I’m just going to leave it on….my computer looks like it was dragged behind a car!

tl;dr No shells aren’t worth it!

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scratches is the only thing. it’s not generally a good idea.

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My Macbook already runs hot, I like the look of the hard shells, but I think it must retain the heat inside. Doesn’t seem like a good thing.

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