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Fabulous is in Hospital...

Asked by osullivanbr (3630points) October 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Would the collective care to join me in a big get well soon message for her?

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I think I can spare a few good vibes to send their way.

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Get well soon Fabulous xx

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Feel better!

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Here’s hoping you have a very speedy recovery! Get well soon!

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Hope you feel better real soon soon, Fabulous!

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@fabulous get better and get back quick.

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So sorry to hear that! Hope you get better soon and back online!

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Feel better fabulous…

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Hope you’re feeling happy and healthy soon fabulous!

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Do what they tell you till you can’t stand it! That’s your signal!
Come on back!

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Awww…feel better soon, Fab.

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Hope the surgery goes smoothly. Can’t wait to see you again Fabulous!!! PS – Make that husband of yours fuss all over you, you deserve it ;)

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fabulous, i hope you get back to a fabulously healthy state very soon!!

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hey every one thank you for all the lovely messages I came home yesterday the surgery went great and I am on the mend

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Yay! Welcome home. =)

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Yayyyy!!! I’m sure the bunnies missed you!

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Great to hear that, hope you recover well and soon and then you need to make up for those missed days of Fluthering ;)

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