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Who's your favorite TV news anchor and why?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) October 3rd, 2008

I personally love Diane Sawyer. I think she’s very easy to relate to and asks questions without seeming like a bitch. What do you think of Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the View? I think it’s time she left the show…

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I’m Ron Burgundy?

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Brian Williams from NBC, hands down no question.

He has a respect for the news. A true appreciation for the history of it. And a desire to help everyone understand it with out bias.

He is also funny as hell.

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of course. Oh wait, they’re cable…. In that case Brian Williams.

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I’m going to have to say Keith Olbermann.

He’s so fired up at this administration that he can barely (and only sometimes) contain himself. Some journalists see that as irresponsible… but I can relate.
And I think it’s awesome.

Someone on major network news NEEDS to be that fired up.

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@malakai -is he on cable?

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Stone Phillips for the name. Brian Ailliams for the tan. Anderson Cooper for the gay rumors.

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@ Bri- Yes, MSNBC. Do a video search for “Olbermann Special Comments” if you want to see what I’m talking about.

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OH, ok. I love that guy but I don’t have Cable.

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@dd… Can’t wait for EH to leave the view, but she’s not an anchor, yet

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Fav journalist was Peter Jennings. I really miss him this election year.

Andy Rooney——he’s so crotchety and dare i say it I’m old enough to laugh at his humor

I like most of the ABC journalists, Diane’s great and so is Elizabeth Vargas. Too bad for Bob Woodruff’s injuries. I think was a perfect pairing.

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Ron Magers. Intelligent, un-biased and great at speaking.

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I like Andersoon Cooper.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck sucks.

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Brian Williams On Letterman!!!!

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