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If you could choose which historical moment to participate in, which would it be?

Asked by basp (4811points) October 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

would you choose to accompany astronauts to the moon? Stop the assasination of Lincoln? Meet up with Bonnie and Clyde?

Where and when is your historical fantasy?

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I’d help Elizabeth Bathory catch virgins for her bath…

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I’d like to witness somebody feeding 5,000 people, with only 2 fish and a loaf of bread.

That would be a picnic to remember!

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I would have stopped the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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I would like to observe the Salem witch trials. It would be interesting to see how peoples lack of tolerance for others different from them or sick could spark such fear it would lead to mass executions. I read about it and I can’t imagine that happening today. But maybe I’m wrong.

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@ijimmy That would be cool to see!

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@iJimmy: Your wrong. Witch hunts were common in the 20th Century, also.

Ever hear of a lump of dogshit named, Joseph McCarthy?

To this day, there are folks who visit his grave at the Saint Marys Cemetery in Appleton, Wisconsin, just so they can urinate on it.

I’d be proud to be one of them doing that, but I don’t like waiting in long lines.

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@JackAdams I don’t know if you can totally compare it to McCarthyism. But you are right there have been other “witch hunts” in the past and we will probably continue to see them. But as the human race matures, I think on some level we have to learn from our past and “witch hunts” gather less support. Additionally, I don’t think they were burning suspected communists at the stake or sticking them in the guillotine.

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If those options had been legal, “Tailgunner Joe” would have championed them.

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Correction to a previous post.

Your wrong should be You’re wrong.

(It’s the fault of the inferior made-in-China keyboard.)

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@JackAdams You have a Chinese keyboard? Humm… sounds like you might be a communist to me!
Wait, so do I… never mind.

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I’d go back to the Jurrasic period and witness dinosaurs.

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I doubt if the dinosaurs would be interested in you witnessing to them, but go ahead and leave them some copies of “Awake!” just the same.

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Most historical events are sad, dangerous or at least occur under uncomfortable circumstances. I would like to witness something joyous in a familar place…V-J Day here in San Francisco. Or maybe in Berlin when the wall came down.

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I know I just answered a question like this recently, but now I can’t find the link to share. Alas.

I’d like to witness the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

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i would’ve liked to be participating in the riot celebrating the stanley cup win. i was alive, but not participating.

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Berlin Wall coming down. Just watching it on TV gave me goosebumps.

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re witch hunts ; they still go on today, children in africa are being killed because the are deemed “witches” . to some extent it is everywhere. even in your town . the misinformation and smear tactics and lies of the church feed the socially programed a bad image of witches /wiccans / pagans , etc.. who in general are healers helpers and trained in natural remedies . they are nature lovers that would not harm a soul.
the killings going on in other countries are due to the fact that when christianity was brought to them the were given the old testement ,,, where it tells you to kill witches ... and actually, everyone else…link

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I just thought of a date I really want to see. The Tricentennial of the US

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