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How do I get rid of erections?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) October 3rd, 2008

they ruin my life, can I make them go away? Like viagra, but the opposite.

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A good woman will know how to do the trick.

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that’s not really an option…

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How are they ruining your life?

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because they cause me pain and there isn’t much I can do about them.

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If they cause you physical pain, you should probably see a physician.

If they cause you emotional pain / mental anguish, you should probably see a psychologist.

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They ruin my life too, but I wouldn’t take $100 TRILLION to not have that kind of ruination.

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Unless you’re sick in the head, you can think about cleaning out the garage with your Grandma.

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dead puppies… dead puppies…

wait, that would make it worse!

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How old are you? Young teen-age boys going through puberty will get aroused easily and are prone to getting unwanted erections. It’s natural (unwanted erections in teens, not pain) and will change with age.

Go to a doc if they’re causing you pain.

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You can think about making love with your Grandma!

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yeesh, Jack!!!!!!

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depends…are you right handed, or left handed? I know a cure either way.

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EnzoX24 – I don’t think it has to be a “good woman”. I suspect there are many “bad girls” who could produce the same result. Or bad boys if quality control swings that way. And if one can not be found with the help of charm, wit, good looks or money, again “talk to the hand”, if you catch my drift.

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If one is limber enough, one can “talk to the mouth,” if you catch my drift.

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Serious enough to be a diagnosed and treatable problem and not very amusing.


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I think I mis-read the question.

I thought the poser was asking about getting rid of the upcoming ELECTION.

My error…

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Election day is only erotic in China, JackAdams.

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Java the hut.

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That’s Java the coffee!

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well you got my point. Honestly I never got into star wars. What is it? Jabba?

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Think about me.

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You can beat this problem. I have faith in you. ^_^

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With a block of wood and a mallet. If that doesn’t work then try an icepick.

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“Un-sex me! Un-sex me!” Kate and Leopold, @lapilofu.

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Stop looking and thinking about women….or men?

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If it hurts, perhaps you have phimosis.

Go to a doc! Its repairable!

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What happened to your girlfriend?
Of the question, “Why won’t my girlfriend have sex with me?”

I thought you said she finally did?

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yeah we did, but she isn’t a sex crazed maniac like I am but I love her so I’d rather get rid of the erections. I know I sound like a psycho lol

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lol, gosh, i’m so glad i asked that question… (shakes head smiling)

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As a hopeless romantic, I think it’s nice that you would rather get rid of the erections instead of the girlfriend. Bonus points for not getting rid of the erection by having sex with your girlfriend when she doesn’t want to. :)

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It’s nice! Yes, it’s great! I agree with KatawaGrey!
I just don’t understand…because…I’m trying to put this delicately…but I don’t seem to be able to:

Most males I know don’t think anything of jacking off. There, I said it. Okay.

So, did you not think of this option? Do you not believe in it? I just don’t understand… :(

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Ah, see, that would be a problem. Masturbation is an excellent way to let off sexual steam. Personally, I didn’t say anything because I thought you had been doing this and the erections still came frequently. There are a fair number of taboos surrounding masturbation, even for men. As a female, I’m not sure how much insight I can offer into the subject, but I can tell you a few things.

1. It is not shameful. It is a perfectly natural bodily urge and an extremely healthy way to express one’s sexuality.

2. It feels pretty damn good. True, it does not feel as good as when someone else is involved, but don’t sell it short either.

3. It is a proven technique to get rid of erections. If you still have an erection after you masturbate (as in, a little while later, not immediately after) then there might be some medical cause behind it.

Personally, I am completely in favor of masturbation for all of the reasons I listed above and more (except for the erection thing cuz I’m female). I hope this helps.

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the more i do it, the more erections I get lol. I’m 20 years old, the friggen thing is hard forever. gahhh

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Cherish it while you can, grasshopper.

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Or perhaps, check with Doc. That seems a little excessive, if you are being serious.

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1) Masturbate
2) Have sex
3) Imagine your mom having sex with your dad
4) Imagine your mom having sex with you
5) Imagine your dad having sex with you
6) Count slowly from 1 to 100

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ikos…you should have added, “imagine having a 3 way with your mom AND dad”

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and grandmom is watching in the corner for good measure

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…it’s called “The Aristocrats

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exactly what i was thinking when i typed the grandmom line.

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ha ha i actually wrote an article about this

it can help you stop an erection quickly and save you from some VERY awkward social situations

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