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What is the difference between a Sword Complaint and an Arrest?

Asked by tonedef (3930points) October 3rd, 2008

Police reports are usually in one of these two forms. What is the difference? Google is no help.

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Not to be a smart ass, but did you mean swor (N) complaint? I’ll see if I can find something for you.

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Oh, crap. Yes, sworn complaint.

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That’s ok! I make typos all the time!! I just wanted to be sure before I did a search for you. I found a PDF that may help answer your questions. From what i was able to see in this short period, it seems that a sworn complaint is something a person or law enforcement agent files in writing and presents it to the judge. Once the judge sees it, he decides whether or not to issue a warrant for arrest. I hope this helps!!

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Oh well. You say sword complaint and I immediately thought of this.

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Damn.. I was like “sword complaint”?? What’s that? Just burst my bubble.. I was hoping it was a real thing.

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I believe a “verified complaint” pertains to an offence at common law where there has been an actual injured party. Is there an injured party when you are caught speeding? No. It is not an offence against the “law” (public law) it is a contract offense, (private, or “special” law.) and completely within your power to withdraw from the contract that creates the offense. This goes for everything from drug possession to paying taxes, or even the Draft.

Today, even offences that ought to be tried under public law, are all prosecuted privately, and believe it or not, completely with you consent. You just don’t remember when you gave your consent, and where. It was all designed that way. To be a hidden system.

As for arrest, that is an involved discussion. Generally, an “officer” must have specific and articulable facts to support an officers suspicion that you have committed an actual crime, in response to a verified complaint, or what is obviously going to lead to one.

Think about this…How come it took a constitutional amendment to prohibit alcohol (in the 1920s) but not to prohibit any other substance since? Discover this and you will be on your way to freedom.

In conclusion, they need your consent. Learn how to control it and you move from slave to master. It is, of course, your choice. As always.

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