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What's a good small luxury car?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) October 3rd, 2008

My wonderful Honda Civic is just too uncomfortable, but I don’t like huge cars. I need something really nice and not too big. Do they make it?

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Alison loves her Mazda 6 hatchback. (She had to buy expensive snowtires for BC, however>)

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Hmmm.. price range?
I hear from people who have a VW Passat that they love it.
If you want something a little more on the high end maybe a Lexus GS or IS. Or a BMW 3 series.

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the new ford fiesta looks quite nice.

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Audi A4
Acura TSX
Volkswagen Passat CC
BMW 3 series

Depends on your budget (as you may realize luxury is a subjective term).

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fiat 500 are so cute

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But the Ford Fiesta is not in the US yet, maybe end of next year, and it is not a luxury car even you load it up.

TL is quite big, try the Acura TSX instead, or Lexus IS250 or IS350. The Acura RSX is also good, but the ride might be a bit too stiff.

VW Passat is not “small”, I will say try the VW Rabbit or GTI.

BMW 3-series is certainly good, but you can now buy the 1-series in the US.

Plus the Audi A3, A4 is getting bigger every model change.

I actually want to dispute that the Civic is not that comfortable, unless you have a much older model.

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@boxing: thanks—I have the new model of Honda Civic. I really like it, but the seats are just not comfortable for me. I bought some back supports for the seats etc. that have helped somewhat, and have made it less imperative, to get something right away, but I think better seats would be healthier for my back and legs.

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I’d go for the BMW 335i (or 135i). The twin turbos are always entertaining ;-)

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z4 all the way to the end

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So skfinkel, it is really about the seat, very subjective matter. Even for a luxury car, you really need to have some seating time with the car before you buy it. You don’t have to go luxury to find comfortable driver seat though, especially when there is budget issue.

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VW Jetta TDI while not in the luxury range, has really comfortable seats and is somewhat in line with the quality and affordability of the Civic. Plus a nice advantage-turbo diesel that has near-zero emissions and gets 50+ miles per gallon hwy.

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Loves our PIMPED out Prius from Hollywood Toyota!

Leather seats, nice trim, fancy-schmancy chrome wheels, touring package, COOOOOL nav package, and tinted windows.

Take the ‘norm’ and make it your version of luxury!

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mini cooper john cooper edition

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