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Do you think that Sarah Palin will just fade away after the election (assuming the democrats win) or will we now be subjected to that voice in years to come?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) October 3rd, 2008

I’m hoping this was her 15 minutes of glory, and she will fade away.

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I’m still hoping she will “fade away” before the election.

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But, if the Republicans win, look for a MOVIE about Sara Palin in years to come. Bet on it!

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This is a little twisted, but my friend Omar is hoping she’ll “fade away” into the porn industry.

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How many unsuccessful VP candidates in the last 20 years can you name?

Edwards was the last one. Cripes, without looking it up, I can’t even remember who Gore was running with.

The only other one I even come close to remembering is that Admiral that Ross Perot was running with, made famous in the debates for his “Well I guess I don’t really have any ammunition for this one” comment.

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No I don’t think she will “fade away”. She did a great job last night. Many others in that situation would have wilted under the pressure. I would look for her to make a Senate run for AK in the future should she not be VP.

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Wasn’t Admiral Stockdale the best…“Who Am I? Why Am I Here?” :-)

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@cprevite: I just having this nagging feeling the porn industry isn’t an option for Palin….

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she is a one hit wonder, like… like emf!

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Gore was running with Joe Liberman.

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Book tour, talk shows, movie spots, glasses commercial. speaker for the NRA. She is gonna ride the wild surf now that she has got our attention.

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I still remember Geraldine Ferraro

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@JackAdams: She was the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee in um…1984, with Walter Mondale. Ran against Reagan.

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Oh! That Geraldine What’s-her-name!

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I think she’ll go back to Alaska and do the same things she was doing before McCain called her out. Her lack of knowledge shows that she wasn’t ever preparing to do anything more than be the governor of Alaska.

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I was thinking about that last night. She is governor, so where else is there for her to go? It’s not like there’s some national elected position she can get. So she has to either become a Senator, or maybe she’ll become some kind of national republican party official—like Howard Dean did (from Vermont).

Or else she’ll go into business. I’m sure she’ll be able to make very big bucks now, as some kind of spokesperson for a company or a group of companies. Maybe in some future Republican administration (God forbid) she’ll be appointed the Energy Secretary.

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My answer to this would be, “It depends”. What does it depend on? Whether or not Palin is able to emerge from a court case in Alaska with a relatively clear slate or not.

Right now, the Palin administration is in court battling charges of abuse of power. This started long before she was tapped to be veep, I might note, so partisan politics has nothing to do with it. Or, I should say, didn’t have anything to do with it until the McCain team came to Alaska and pretty much tried to take over. This is where the Republicans have failed to understand Alaskans because if there’s one thing guaranteed to rile up Alaskans, it’s having “outsiders”, the term used here to describe non-Alaskans, come in and try to tell them what to do.

What was a pretty minor charge at the time, one that most of us could have shrugged away, has since evolved into something that has the potential to ruin lives and careers as more and more comes out, including a possible request to deny a workman’s comp request based on a personal vendetta. Some serious charges have been leveled at Palin. I won’t even try to explain it all, it has gotten quite confusing, but you can find info at Look for the section on TrooperGate or Palin Investigation, not quite sure what they’re calling it now. There is a report due out on Oct. 10th, one that the Republicans have tried almost desperately to stop or at least delay until after the national elections.

And, to think, I thought I was getting far away from the insanity of politics when I left Florida, where I learned the meaning of terms like “hanging chad” and even “pregnant chad”, to move to little ol’ Wasilla, Alaska.

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Boy, you landed in it didn’t you? That is ironic. Thanks for being a voice from the source. I think so many people DO think these charges leveled at her are all about partisan politics. It needs to be aired often and loudly. There are way too many women, Dems and Reps who are planning to vote for the McCain ticket simply because “she is a woman”. It needs to be made known, what kind of a woman and representative of the people she really is.

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I think she will fade away after a month or two. I found it insane that she was trying to get in on CA politics——urging Schwarzenegger to veto fees that would reduce pollution. I’m sorry, none of us knew who the hell you were two months ago and now you think we give a shit what you want us to do in our state? Hell no!

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@AlaskaTundrea, I visited Wasilla in June, 1992, and the most amazing thing about that little town, was that the sun was still shining, at 11 PM, then set at 1 AM, and sunrise was two hours later, at 3 AM.

It’s nice we have someone in Fluther who lives there, and can keep us posted, when the feces hits the fan.

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I bet she will be come a witch huntin’ pastor – may she only look in the tundra!

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@cprevite et al, Larry Flint already announced he’s producing a Palin look-alike porn.

I could see them doing a “Keeping up with the Palins” reality show. She could be the next Springer or Dr. Laura. Or maybe even replace Hasselbeck on “The View.”

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Maybe (if the country is lucky), she’ll get trampled by a cousin of one of those Moose she killed, skinned and ate.

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Sadly, no. I think she will actually start paying attention to the issues and will be around for a while, assuming she makes it out of the legal issues that AlaskaTundrea discusses above.

She will only get stronger from this and will probably be a major figure within the next 4 years. Nobody is going to fault her for not learning quickly enough after the impression she has made on the campaign.

That would be like them ignoring Barack Obama after his speech at the DNC in 2004

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