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Anyone else becoming addicted to C-span?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24554points) October 3rd, 2008

The house vote will be complete in less than 10mins…Can’t pull away! 218 votes passes it.

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Not addicted, but I really felt old when the conventions came on, I started watching them on C-Span because they didn’t have all the annoying announcers and pundits and graphics…just unfiltered. I always used to turn past C-Span thinking, how friggin’ old do you have to BE to watch THAT channel? Now I know…37.

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Also, the Gentleman from Ohio said, ”$192 Million for rum? I guess we’ve got the pirate vote this November.” Which made me realize that C-SPAN is way more interesting than I ever imagined.

I’m going from totally disinterested in it, to thinking it is useful and amusing.

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@dale: Pssst! 23. You can start young.

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@EP I note quips like that and think….whoa. The House of Representatives is becoming more and more like the House of Commons of the UK all the time.

Now. If we only had a queen…..

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Im 26 and love Cspan, especially Washington Journal. Where else on TV or radio can you actually hear what average Americans are feeling without any kind of censorship?

Live house of rep and Senate coverage is actual news, not that crap on the corporate owned channels.

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Thanks for making me feel a touch younger.

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C-Span is great… Just stay away from CNN (aka Continuous Negative News)

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C-SPAN is great. It can be funny, it can be better than Ambien. Most of all, it’s sort of like watching a dysfunctional family from behind a two way mirror—most of the time it’s like they’ve completely forgotten that people are watching.

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