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Good iphone cover?

Asked by c3p0 (5points) October 3rd, 2008

i’m interested in a really slim iPhone cover…the one’s i’ve seen – the plastic cases, or rubber ones are really chunky, i’m looking for slimline..

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i just have a static plasic cover for mine. just goes over the screen so if you want something to protect the whole phone you dont want this. but if you just want a little extra protection over your screen i would highly recomend it. i forget exactly what they are called but all you need to know is that they are held on by static and if you go to an apple store and tell them this they will know what you are talking about.

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I used a power support airjacket and liked it:

it’s as thin as you can go, and protects the back without adding any heft. It comes in a rubberized black finish and also a clear plastic finish (I have the black rubberized one).

The company also bundles the cover with their clear (glossy) and matte crystal films for the screen which are both awesome.

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I have the Agent 18 clear plastic cover. I like it because it adds little bulk, has ridges on the sides for better grip, and, since it’s clear, I can see all of my 16gb white iPhone.

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Thanks Fireman.
I like that, its between that and the neo capsule

so far!

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I love the CEO Sleeve. Looks great and protects good.

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