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Cheap, quality orthodics anyone?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) October 3rd, 2008

My sh*tty health insurance doesn’t cover for them. Good ones run about $400. Anyone have options for these? I pronate – and if you have them, you know how important they really are!

I have seen something in that SkyMall magazine where they send you the molding, and then you send them back after you have put your foot in them – any luck with that – seems a bit cheap. Help! :)

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When I worked for the podiatrist and patients could not afford orthotics. The doctor would reccomend spencos inserts. Do not waste your money on the slf molding ones you saw in skymall. When the podiatrists makes a mold of your foot, he sends it to the lab with orders on what aread should be higher, lower etc. and they are custom made to help with your problem.

If you simply send in a mold of your foot, without a doctor’s prescription, you will only get back something that will hold your foot in the improper postion, and it will be of no help to you… possibly even causing a bigger problem than when you started.

This is kind of like getting eye glasses at the drug store and not from an eye doctor. You might want to ask your doctor if you can make payments on orthotics so you can get the real deal. also, suggest they bill them under the code L3000. sometimes insurance companies will cover with that code and not the L3030 that alot of podiatrists use. Good luck!

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There are lots of inexpensive foot-related problem solvers (including pronating) at .“”:

Your foot issues may require more custom orthodics, but the catalog warrants a look.

My mother (at 93) pronates badly because the ligaments under the arch of her feet are no longer able to do their job. Orthopod told us to get her really well-cushioned and supportive walking shoes, like Rockports. We found a wonderful pair in black. He mentioned also Saucony, Merrill, etc.

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This is what was reccomended in our office for those who could not afford custom molded orthotics. You may be able to find them in your pharmacy if you don’t want to purchase them online.

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Thank you both of you – wonderful answer! Hooray Fluther!

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