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Why is my keyboard being wierd?

Asked by asmonet (21350points) October 3rd, 2008

I play World Of Warcraft, and when I’m running using the WASD keys, the arrow keys or the numerical keypad the same problem happens. when I’m running with the forward key and then choose to change direction by strafing (Q, E, ^, >) once I let go of the new direction key I stop moving, this also happens when I hit space. I am using a PS2/USB Adapter and before I got it this was not an issue, I looked throught the keyboard / windows access options and saw nothng that would cause this. I’m currently running Windows Vista. Any ideas?

I have not tried testing this in any other game.
And this is not a Sticky Keys issue. :)

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your keyboard may be out of date. Vista doesn’t like old stuff and if you have a PS2 keyboard it may not work properly. My advice would be to get a new USB keyboard and make sure it’s vista compatible

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Yea, I’d get a keyboard that’s been vista certified. Also, I’m gonna guess that Vista handles usb better.

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Weird like it transposes the e‘s with the i‘s?

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