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Is feminism outdated?

Asked by TheNakedHippie (470points) October 3rd, 2008

I know I risk making a lot of people mad at me, but all things considered, I think it’s a valid question.

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I don’t think so. Here’s why:

1. There is still a glass ceiling. Women have difficulty advancing to the highest levels in government, in corporate America, in Academia.

2. Women do not receive equal pay for equal work when they are in the same jobs as men. It is still seventy some cents on the dollar of what men get.

3. Violence against women is rampant in our culture and more the 95% of it is prepetrated by men against women including murders, rapes, and beatings.

I am glad that in my lifetime, because of efforts made by women of my generation and the one before it, girls today can play sports just like boys and have those efforts funded equally by schools; girls can dream of being whatever they want to be when they grow up without being steered into traditional “women’s roles”, such as hairdresser, secretary, teacher or nurse; women who elect to be full-time child care providers and homemakers are valued with an economic impact put on that effort by government measurements and higher societal respect.

That said, it makes me said that young women of today rush to say that they are not “feminists” as if it was a dirty word. Far from respecting the lobbying, the raised consciousness, and the organizing that made the advances possible that they take advantage of today happily, they denigrate the efforts of women who worked hard for those issues and others including reproductive rights.

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@TheNakedHippie Welcome to the collective.

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I assume you are talking about America, right? Because I’m sure I don’t have to give you examples of the horrid treatment of women and girls around the world. As far as the US is concerned…

Feminism has evolved with time. One might consider what we have today as a 4th wave of Feminism. Each wave has focused on different issues, and have stood on opposite sides of issues, in their respective time periods. Why do we need Feminism today? Aside from Marina’s examples…

1. Did you happen to catch the coverage of Hillary, how about Sarah Palin? I don’t particularly care for either, but there was/is some serious sexism going on.

2. America’s fascist beauty standard.

3. Sex-workers.

4. The high rates of domestic and sexual violence perpetrated against women.

A lot of people prefer to call themselves humanists these days, but I believe that gender equality is still a valid issue that shouldn’t be lumped in with an idea that does not consider that men and women do not have the same access to basic human rights.

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what i want to know is why there’s not a masculanist movement? I think I’ll ask…

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There is a masculinist movement. But for obvious reasons, it’s less important and less popular than feminism. There have been and are initiatives at all levels for things like father’s rights to visitation, etc. And attempts at “celebration” of masculine “virtue.” But given, ahem, basically all of human history and the current lot of women in basically every contemporary society on Earth, well, let’s say it seems a little less than urgent to articulate masculinism.

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“We’ve come a long way baby”...but we’re not there yet.

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I think men and women are compliments to each other. I don’t think women are beneath men by any means, but each has a different purpose.

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@TheNakedHippie and that’s what feminists, like myself, believe not to be true

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