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How many hours a day do you spend infront of the computer?

Asked by AllyMay (239points) October 3rd, 2008

It seems I spend 8 hrs a day at work on the computer – come home have dinner, get on the computer – then go to bed get up and do it again. Anyone else have this lifestyle? I think if the internet in this house ever crashed I wouldnt know what do to with myself. This could spawn another question – how much is too much internet? Geez I love the internet. lol.

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12, on my job, which means I am here that much too!

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Way too much. I work most of the day on the computer. I try to take breaks for meals and exercise. I know I have been at it too long when my sit bone aches.

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Similar lifestyle…...only I don’t stop to have dinner…in fairness though, I try to break the routine on the weekends.

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agreed with wildflower. Although I am taking grad classes now too which requires me to be on during the weekend. How did we live before there were computers?

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an accurate guess would be around 14–15 hours a day if i don’t have special plans or activities, yeah i know that’s a lot :p

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10 at work.
1 to 2 at home.

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Far too many. This can’t be healthy!

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I broke my ankell two weaks ago than the time spending at the computer gowen up.I create some pictures 5 houres plas internet.The internet conection get fixed.The Computer staging and eating my time..

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Way too many, but it is how I make my living…

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3–5 Butt-in-chair hours on a medium use day. Too many for me!

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