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What is your favorite dish to make for dinner?

Asked by knittingandcanning (346points) October 3rd, 2008

One of my favorites is cod chowder. It’s simple to make and is always delicious!

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Pasta, all types of pasta. I find them quick and easy.

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Medium rare steak w/ roasted veggies (side horseradish & A1)

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Grilled pork chops with steamed rice and asparagus as side dishes.

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Either Beef Stroganoff or maybe Chicken Alfredo

It’s always been a secret wish of mine, to meet Alfredo in person, so I could thank him for his terrific creation.

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Mmmm, Alfredo.
Homemade (spice it up how you like) Alfredo.

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Braised pork chops with a white wine demi-glaze sauce and sauteed potatoes. Or marinated London broil with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes.


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Clams in linguine

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Homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, blueberry muffins and a big cold glass of milk.

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homemade vodka sauce.

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Overdone pork roast, gravy, riced potatoes, green beans, and cinnamon applesauce.
(over done on purpose- I think pork has much more flavor slow roasted til it falls apart.)

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chicken sautee’d in Soy & Teriacki sauce with a touch of garlic. Served over brown rice with salad.
(lazy way, used canned chicken, saves 30 minutes)
Second fav is hubby cooking pork ribs on the grill

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A quick stir fry to clean out the veggie bin, or perhaps some fried rice. Fried rice is also a great way to clean out the fridge, yet quick easy and full of variety.

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chicken, baked in the oven, with barbecue sauce. mixed into the barbecue sauce is a little hot sauce (i use one called el yucateco – extremely spicy, almost lethal, you only need a few drops). so i mix in the hot sauce and maybe some curry. you don’t taste the curry – it just adds to the spicyness. put that on the chicken and bake it. white rice, a vegetable (my fave is string beans, but any veg will do). maybe put a little of the spicy sauce in the rice, put the juice from the chicken on the rice. barbecue sauce has a burn to it. i love spicy food. for dessert, not that i’d be making it, but my mom’s apple pie. to drink, water or diet coke.

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Eggplant parmesan, with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce. It’s my very favorite meal – to cook and to eat!

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Mom’s pot roast.

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Caprese salad made with homegrown tomatoes and fresh, not the sticky kind but the
white pillowy kind marketed in brine, mozzarella, kosher salt, fresh basil, excellent olive oil and no damn balsamic vinegar (a heresy invented by people who are slaves to fashion and devoted to sugary taste in everything they eat); and a nice hunk of fresh seed bread with some more olive oil.
Then some fresh fruit, for example peaches, sliced with a few blueberries for color and
texture. A nice glass of prosecco is nice with this.

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Pot Roast

Those are the things I can cook fairly well!

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I do a lot of pastas that are veggies and meat cooked with fat free sour cream used as a fast white sauce over whatever pasta. Adding fresh pesto to the mix is delicious.

I also like: meatloaf, pesto covered salmon (cover with pesto and stick in over 15 minutes), taco soup, spaghetti squash, and various salady things.

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Chicken teriyaki kebabs and wild rice.
Or ramen.

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Chicken fried chicken with white cheddar cheese mashed potatoes and a cream gravy with onions, green chiles, and corn. I eat until I ache whenever I make that. It is soooo good. Everyone I have made it for loves it. I used to follow it with bananas foster or creme brule, but I figured that was tempting fate a bit too much. I should make that tonight!

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stevenb: sounds good but it seems like something that will make you do poo.

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I feel all happy and sleepy after I eat that. TMI ALERT!>> I’m not a big poo-er after eating, but that’s another topic covered on Fluther way too often.

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anything on the grill. Steak, chicken, pork chops, salmon, tuna, lamb, hamburgers. I love the taste of charcoal grilled food.

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I so love a good grilled flank steak too. I marinate them with a chile garlic salt rub first for 24 hours. I have eaten a three pound steak by myself more than once.

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any kind of soup with vegetables.. or cream soup and salad on the sides..

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succulent cheesy casseroles.

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Veal Parmesean with Pasta!

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I think my favorite thing is, really, good food while smiling at my wife and holding her hand and talking about our day.

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@stevenb I love your answer. Your wife is very lucky.

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Thank you. I feel I am the lucky one! I have never met anyone as sweet and honest and kind as my wife.

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Best dish to make for dinner is pizza. Yes, it’s NOT healthy and it takes to long, but pizza in my house is always accompanied with red wine and guests :D

Other than that it’d have to be something easy, where everything goes into one pot and into the oven at once.

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