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Oblivion Troubles?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) October 3rd, 2008

I have a character on Oblivion for the 360, and for some reason his stats are being sapped unexplainable. For example, the first attribute I mastered was intelligence, and yet even with nothing equipped and no status effects countering it to speak of, the number shows up red in my stats saying 75. Something is sapping my intelligence by 25 points, and I have no idea what? Anyone have this problem?

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“Whenever you have problems with stat drain going to an altar in any major town will restore them. If the altar says repent of your crimes pay of any bounties, and if that doesn’t work you will have to bring your fame higher than your infamy. You can find this in your character stat screen.

It sounds like you have a disease. Taking a cure disease potion will get rid of the stat damages. You can tell if you have a disease by looking at the last magic screen.”

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BINGO! That says it all there.

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I’ll try hitting an altar, thanks. I don’t think I have a disease because wouldn’t that show up in things affecting me under the magic tab? I don’t see anything.

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It sounds to me like you were hit with an attack that damages stats instead of hp. You have some spells that emulate the same effect.

Your stats will be reduced, but it doesn’t show up like a disease does.

A town well should still do the trick.

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