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If you suddenly became incredibly wealthy, would you quit your job?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) October 3rd, 2008

Why or why not?
If yes, what would you do w/ your time?

I realize the first response of most of us would be “Yes, I would quit my job. I would sit on a beach and drink drinks w/ umbrellas in them….”
But then….after that what would you do?

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If you asked me last week, I would have said ‘no.’ After this week? The answer is ‘Yup!’

But that’s just this week. Like you said – what would I do with all that free time? I’m someone who likes to be busy. And I AM lucky that I have a job I really love. It was just a hard week.

Now, would I buy a yacht for the weeks like this one to just take off and get away? Yes. And I would certainly take care of my family and then see what I could do with the rest of my wealth.

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Yes. Did I take too long to answer?

After my stint on the beach I would volunteer.

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I would quit my job move to Colorado and be a snowboard instructor.

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@supermouse In what area would you volunteer?

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Not right away.
I’d first make a plan for growing a company of my own.

I’d also have to plan a few vacations.

Then I’d quit.

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I would probably work in my kid’s school as much as I could, and I would work with teenagers with mental health issues.

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in a heartbeat, and then I’d go to college since I didn’t get to 7 years ago.

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If I hit the lottery I would quit my job and enjoy myself. After I set up my beach house base, I would research and travel as an volunteer genealogist and visit all the historical places I read about and load up my Kindle brfore I go

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hell yes I would. I’d buy a ticket to some nice beach for a while like you said…and then, I’d probably buy a nice apartment in a big city, a sports car, and probably start a business with a friend.

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Yes. I’d just read books and watch movies for the rest of my life.

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@fireside and random: What type of business/area of industry?

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Fuck yeah! After seeing the world, I’d set up some sort of foundation that gives grants to people/non-profits. And I’d set up a cattery. I’m great at being idle. Some people just don’t have my talent.

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A CATTERY!! Lurve to tinyfaery. I want a cattery. I want a giant farm with shady trees and bushes and things for my free-range herd of cats to roam in. Completely walled in, of course, so I never lose a furry one :D

actually it would have to be a great big structure like a sports dome, where you get all the natural sunlight but it’s climate-controlled… no nasty critters for kitties to deal with.

I’ve thought way too much about this.

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hell yes in a heart beat. i would like to think i would continue working there regardless, but my attitude toward the job would probably become so negative (it would be a total “fuck it” attitude) that i would get fired anyway. i live comfortably on what i make now, about 65K a year, but for me to live a little extra comfortably, like taking nice vacations every year, including lots of weekends away, fancy shopping sprees, etc., i’d say about 100K would do it. to live in the lap of luxury, like buying a summer house, winter house, etc., i’d need at least 250K a year. if i had money to spare it would be nice to take care of my parents (who are not poor by any means but i would throw them a vacation house or something special).

as for what i would do in spare time, i’d travel (british columbia, germany, england, greece, denmark to start), probably volunteer a few places, maybe take some courses at the local college for fun. i like the idea of tiny faery’s to have a cattery. i saw a place in florida (i think) where the guy had this big piece of property and he had all these cats living there, and it was just him in a little house taking care of the cats. i don’t know if i could live a solitary life like that with the cats but i would donate money to places like that.

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Mmm…free-range cat.

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Um….yes. I would quit my job and then I would start some sort of foundation to serve the population that I currently serve, but without the restrictions and red-tape that is inevitable when you work within a public entity. I would fund a really cool charter school with a target population of ethnic minorities, with awesome internships offered through engineering, medical, and teaching programs.

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@ tinyfaery – you want to be a cat herder?

@Snoopy – I always wanted to have a video production company, so i would probably fund a lot of documentaries about different places around the world.

Assuming I was incredibly wealthy, then I would have a foundation to also help set up schools and basic necessities and cultural preservation societies for the areas I visit.

Then I would go home to my mansion and edit in the post production studio set up in my basement adjacent to the home theater.

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I have always loved that commercial.

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I’ve never seen that commercial. I’d be in heaven!!

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I would start volunteering.

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No, but I would ask to go part time, and quit one of the schools, maybe.

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@Bri What would you volunteer to do? What would interest you…?

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I homeschool so the answer would be no. I would be able to get a lot more teaching and learning aids though. WOW! Would that be one heck of a homeschool school room or what?!

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I would do some work with Schools, and some with hospitals.

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As much as I love my job, I also realize it is a conditional love fueled mostly by circumstance.

So yes I would quit, do some traveling. Then divide my time between volunteering (the home for little wanderers, my daughter’s school, a museum) and photography.

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Yes. Id travel all over the world in a heart beat. Id also like to go scuba dive in the worlds reefs, i think that’d be an amazing experience and then id want to dedicate the rest of my life to learning about them.

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WHAT “job?”

Actually, it has been my life’s goal to own my own Nevada brothel. So, that is where I would go, and what I would do.

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I would change employment, but I see retirement as something for people given a few days to live. Working your passion, in something that brings you joy isn’t really working.
I guess that explains why a billionaire like NYC’s Mike Bloomberg ran for Mayor and after winning declined a salary, accepting as remuneration only $1 per year (wonder what he does with that check when it arrives in the mail – sigh? laugh out loud?)

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Yes, i’d quit my job, but i’d keep going to school.

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I’m a mom, with no outside job to quit at the moment, but if I became incredibly wealthy, I would change not only my life, but many other’s.
After my family’s basic needs and many “wants” were met, I’d use that money to try and give everyone else a chance at the same. I’d set up several foundations, to try to find ways to:

1) Give a first class education to everyone, no matter where they live, or what the economic makeup of their school district is.
2) Change the nature of politics in our country. Open our two party system to real reform. Blind voting on issues/policies instead of parties/personalities.
3) Give everyone access to the same level of health care that I (being incredibly wealthy) could afford.

I suppose I’d be pretty much like Bill and Melinda Gates, and try use all that money to make the world a better place.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck YEAH

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I don’t have a job to quit! But I will stop freelacing and start traveling. I will give the rest more thoughts when I am done.

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I’d quit where I work now and expand my school schedule. Eventually I’d get my degree and start my life goal. (Starting a program where troubled teenagers and special needs kids help each other. I have a theory on this, I know it sounds weird. Not relavent to this question though.) I’d definitely try to find some good causes for my money, put some in savings for my family, and get out of debt. I would also travel until I die. **sigh** I wish.

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i would travel first of all. Id’ give $$ to my family.

Then I’d move to LA and open a club or a tattoo shop. I’d also do some volunteer work…with kids or old people.

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How many old people want free tattoos?

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@fireside haha I like how the picture censors his chest.

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I was impressed with the hairy shoulders….

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That is too funny!

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I’d plunge deeper into the foray…
i.e., make more theatre: acquire a big beautiful studio space, pay my actors to work full time with me…

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@galileogirl…argh! :}

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I would never quit my job.
I would just work in a more relaxed way. But no way I will renounce to business trips, top class restaurants and resorts, and the adrenaline that actually producing something valuable gives me every day.

But yes, I would say more often to my boss that is a total asshole without worrying about that so much.

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Not immediately. It’s a good job and my boss needs me. After a few more years, I’d probably ask to go to part time and go back to school. But that’s kind of the plan anyway so I guess I’d be more comfortable with the money in the bank, but I wouldn’t up and chance my life in huge ways.

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Nope, I’d keep working as usual, the only difference would be that I’d show up to work in a super hot car :D

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Heck yeah I’d quit. It would be me, some friends, a large boat, an array of custom saltwater rods, and the deep blue Pacific from here to eternity.

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I think I would get a different job, doing what I want…like teaching overseas and writing…

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Yes I would quit my job but I would then use the time to further my education and take care of my daughter.

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No. I love what I do. I would pay off my parents homes, my brothers and sisters homes, set up funds for their kids to go to college, and invest heavily. I would travel a lot with my wife, but I would still want to work. I love giving people beautiful homes.

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RIght now I would so someone else who needed the job could have it. Bad tough times

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My job is homeschooling my kids. I would rejoice at having all the resources to continue homeschooling through High School. Right now I’m preparing for that and it’s going to be expensive.

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To borrow from the great Michael Scott, absofruitly.

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augustian has the same idea I have. I am a homemaker, so no job to quit. I would set up a charitable foundation, and then hire all my family members to help administer the grants.

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yes, because i work a minimum wage cashier gig
i would try to exercise in my time but id probably just end up watching house

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Surely you jest? If I were to come into that much money my job would change, I would be working for myself. I would be snatching up so much real estate at auction and lien sale you would think I was a shark swimming through a school of seals. What ever I had I would be trying to quadruple it in 3 years at the very least. Increasing it 20 times over would be more the goal. Work for someone else, I would rather have a belt sander taken to the souls of my feet.

exactally how wealthy is this “wealthy”?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Good Point – I think that is probably more likely what I would do, work for myself.

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I would get in shape and build gadgets that would put both Iron Man and Batman to shame. I would like to make the guardians key tool Glitch from reboot anime.

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