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How do I share files between two accounts on the same Macbook?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) October 3rd, 2008

I have an administrator account, and a non-administrator account. Is there a way to see all the files on the other account no matter which one I’m on?

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if you go to system preferences>filesharing you can do it there. I believe.

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Your users folder has a “Shared” folder in there. Use that to share files between accounts.

edit :: I am an idiot and didn’t read the details.

On the non-admin account you can sudo from the Terminal with the non admin account to list the files if you have a admin password.

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You can also go into the /Users folder and change the permissions on your account(s) by clicking on one’s folder (or selecting both) and then choosing File->Get Info (or use Command-I). Click the arrow next to Sharing and Permissions (I think it was just called Permissions prior to 10.5) and be sure for everyone it says Read only or Read Write. After that, on Leopard, click on the little gear drop down and say Apply to Enclosed Items.

That will let any user physically sitting at the computer be able to look in the selected user’s home folder and everything under it.

sudo only works for administrators. You can use “su – <admin user>” to get a shell as your admin user; that will prompt you for the admin user’s password.

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You could also make a group and put both users into it. Then use chgrp for the files you want to give both users the permissions for.

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Be careful with permissions. You can actually “permission” yourself out of being able to handle a file on your account, even if you are an admin. If you aren’t familiar with how to manipulate permissions on Unix/Linux-type account, or are not familiar with the “root” account, or even “sudo,” you should probably just drop stuff in the shared folder and share from there. Keep it simple.

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Ah yes. I always assume that people are familiar with the CLI because I work more closely with Linux folks and Nerds than non-linux/non-nerds.

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An easy way would be to put it into your Public folder, which is viewable by any other user on the same system. Just go into your home folder then the public folder on the other user.

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