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How do i Convert a file ?

Asked by pennylockhart2009 (29points) October 3rd, 2008

How do i convert a flac file to mp3 format ?

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I’m not sure of the specific program to convert flac to mp3, but there’s TONS of file converters that you can download out there. Try searching “flac to mp3 converter” on Google.

I also found this article, I haven’t read it all the way through but I’m pretty sure it’s what you’re looking for. If you are using a mac, and you see that it says “for windows” in the title, just look for the link to the OS X version of the tutorial that is somewhere near the beginning.

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Read the Bible aloud to your file

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You can also try this method which will let you do it in much larger batches rather than one by one.

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i usually use MAX when i’m on a mac

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Oh wow. I actually just answered this one for a few friends of mine on another site.

MAX is nice, but you can lose alot of quality. Firstly, let me say that I am not a fan of the mp3 format. It loses alot of fidelity and quality. I have been using Apple Lossless. If I am going to wear ear-buds or headphones, I hear EVERYTHING, so it’s better to have to the best quality so I can get the most out of what I listen to. But that’s me.

Here’s a copy of that posting:

When I first found out about .flac encoding I was overjoyed. I instantly thought of the ability to have loads of CD-quality music which I could download, and be able to burn them to a blank CD with no loss of fidelity. Then I thought how great it would be now that I could actually rip from an actual CD-quality file at any encoding I wanted to. But! I would first need to burn the .flac files to CD, then rip them back to data files. This was time-consuming and cost money. So I thought about using a CDRW. Better money-wise, but then I would just extend my time in burning at maybe 4x speeds if I was lucky. I would also probably wear down a CDRW after several burns and erasings, which would then cost more money.

I have discovered some utilities out there which will change the encoding from .flac to .mp3. But I have found these to not retain the fidelity that I desire. I’m sorry, but I am one of those people who can actually hear the difference between an .mp3 file and a CD track. I grew up with vinyl and when CDs came out I was hooked on the quality. mp3s are great for portability and convenience, but IMHO they suck for quality. So I wanted a way that I could use to keep the fidelity high. Converter apps just don’t cut it.

So, if you are like me and want to keep the quality of your music high, save some time, and a few bucks in the process, here’s a handy trick I devised to keep from having to use CDRWs to burn CDs with .flac files to retain the best audio quality when ripping. It saves you from tearing up a CDRW by repeatedly rewriting on it, the money you would normally spend on a CDRW for burning .flac files to to rip from, and a TON of time and effort.

With this method you can rip .flac files to whatever you want: mp3, m4a, Lossless, .ogg, etc.

For this technique, I will be using a Mac, the Web, Roxio Toast Titanium 9 and iTunes. That’s all!

Also, let me say that I do not condone “stealing” music or using P2P sites or Torrents or even Usegroups to do this. I will however recommend that if you wish to “borrow” music to “preview” before you “buy,” that’s OK!

I also tend to discourage the use of P2P as well as Torrents. You can get some nasty stuff on your system and get caught for doing “illegal” things fairly easily. What I would suggest is that you subscribe to a News Server and use something like Unison to get your files. It’s easy, safe and you can pretty much get anything out there.

OK, let’s ROCK!

For ripping .flac files sans CD Burn

Step 1 – Connect to the internet if you already haven’t. You will need to be connected for all of this to work (and, no…not just for the downloads…duh)

Step 2 – Download your files and place them in a folder where you can get to them easily

Step 3 – Open Toast and select the Audio CD creation tool

Step 4 – Drag your .flac files to the Toast window

Step 5 – Choose “Save as disc image” from the file menu or press Command-D

Step 6 – Name your disc image whatever you like. (Right now names don’t matter much. You’ll see why in a moment.) Then save it. (This should only take about a minute if you have a good, fast system.)

Step 7 – In the Toast menus, choose Utilities>Mount Disc Image or press Shift-Command (Apple)-M on your keyborad.

Step 8 – From the file browser, open the disc image you just created. If you did this correctly, the disc image you just created should mount on your desktop.

Step 9 – If you have iTunes setup for it’s default of launching on Audio CD insertion, it should do just that. If not, open the CD image in iTunes. iTunes will then grab all of the CD’s track names and its title for you from the Gracenote CDDB. You can also have iTunes do this manually by choosing the CD in the iTunes Devices section in iTunes’ left panel, then choosing Get CD track Names from the Advanced menu. And as long as you’re at it, grab the Album Art too.

Step 10 – Choose what encoding you want for your ripped files from the iTunes Advanced menu in the Preferences under Encoding. (In iTunes, choose File>Preferences then in the Preferences window, choose Advanced. Then choose the Encoding tab.) I presonally recommend Apple Lossless for the best fidelity. You will lose hardly anything noticeable at all if you rip from a .flac files this way.

Step 11 – Click Import CD in iTunes and wait for the process to finish!

Step 12 – You can now close Toast and eject the mounted CD image. (You could have actually closed Toast prior to this and if you want to, you can do this to get more memory for iTunes to do it’s ripping job faster. Toast does not need to be open after the CD image is mounted. You can also now burn it to CD for archival purposes if you need to.)

Step 13 – Enjoy your higher than mp3 quality digital music converted from .flac!

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