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We see it in the movies...But does it really work/happen?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) October 4th, 2008

When two people who are pretty much completely different end up together. Like a prep and a punk, or a rich person and a farmer, etc. I never see this. I only see couples who look the same and it’s been set in my mind that people have to look good together to be able to be a good couple. But now, I think I’m starting to really like this boy but he is so plain and normal on the outside and we have nothing in common. I, on the otherhand, dress really weird and have facial peircings and tattoos. Should I even consider something happening between us or are images/appearances too much of an issue in real life? Have you ever seen opposite couples? Am I just superficial and thinking too much about the outside of things?

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Have you ever observed Japanese couples. I mean ones from Japan. Being from Hawaii I’ve had lots of time to observe. The one thing we (my friends and I) noticed is how opposite the couples are. I’m talking one of them is Hot and the other nerdy. One really clean cut the other on the sloppy side. One preppy, one oh what’s the word? You know Japanese Street fashion. If there were ever a society of opposite couples that is it. So don’t over think it. Look inside you that’s the part that really matters.

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I don’t think opposites attract in people because as you look more closely the people you think of as opposites have more in common. I have known many people that you would probably call “opposites” that have a lot in common under the surface. In some ways they complement each other, but they have similar core values.

It sounds like, so far, you’ve been too caught up in appearances. How do you know you have nothing in common? Have you taken the time to get to know him? It sounds like so far you find him interesting in some way, but that maybe you don’t know him all that well.

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opposites attract with the right chemistry.

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Opposites do indeed attract, I’ve experienced it.

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opposites do attract, but there usually are some things in common.

I’d give it a shot – what have you got to lose? Some guys just don’t care how they dress or never had anyone ‘help’ them. Think of him as clay and mold away! He may surprise you!

My daughter classifies guys as fixable or not. lol

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Outside appearence means nothing. I’ve dated so many different-looking guys. I think opposites do attract but I think if they are TOO opposite it won’t work. (Talking strictly about personality and beliefs here.) I think a healthy couple balances each other with the differences, but you have to agree on some things also. Relationships are balancing acts. You just have to find what works for you .

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Anyone remember Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett were married for a couple of years. (What the fark happened to his hair?) Those two seemed to be really different.

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Matter of fact my gf from high school she didn’t marry who she thought she would. Yes, Rocky was gorgeous, but it turns out what she wanted from life wasn’t what he wanted. She ended up marrying someone that totally doesn’t look like you would have expected. Then again he loves her, supports her, and his views are the same and they want basically the same thing from life. Though I have to laugh she is over 6 feet tall and he’s around 4 1/2. But when they look at each other you can tell they love each other.

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i like spending money for nice suits and shoes, but she hates spending $40 for a pair of shoes. to my wife, if it seems too much, it just is. but for some reason, we are very compatible. we’re opposite when it comes to clothing choices and how we want to look, but we always get comments that we are such a great-looking couple. they always say if everybody agrees, then you’re really “back-pedaling.” opposites attract much like contrast in colors seem so much more appealing.

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