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And we needed financial incentives for companies to make wooden arrow heads why?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) October 4th, 2008

Why was this added to the infamous “bailout” bill heard around the world? Did we have a shortage of wooden arrow heads? Who uses wooden arrow heads? What happened to the “suction cup” type?

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Apparently, in Oregon the children are missing out on the great sport of bow hunting because of the additional $.39 being added on to the cost of an arrow. This was inserted on the request of Senator Wyden and Senator Smith

It looks like this is repealing part of the Pittman-Robertson Act which was intended to benefit wildlife preservation.

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It wasn’t wooden arrow heads, it was wooden arrows, but any which way is a huge crock of shit.

By the way Mr M those glasses make your ears look big.

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That’s not the only part they make look bigger. That’s WHY I wear them!

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Oh, lord…what other pork is in that thing?

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Well….On page 205 of the full 451 page bill, they establish a $20/month credit for bicycle commuters, i think.

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