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Would it be accurate to say that God is an atheist?

Asked by bodyhead (5520points) October 4th, 2008

Surely, he doesn’t believe in any gods above himself. Doesn’t this quantify God as an atheist?

Here’s a comic that takes the view that God is an atheist

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God is God. I don’t think there is a difinitive answer of what that means. Just speculation.

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Atheist: One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods.

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Hmm…I don’t know. That would mean he would be denying his own existence. Sure he doesn’t think there’s a higher power than him, but he thinks that he is the higher (or highest) power right? So I don’t think he’s an atheist.

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He claims over and over again in the Bible that He is God. He calls Himself “I Am.” He’s completely comfortable with claiming that He is God.

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Simply, no.
a. G-d is the reason for theism. [Here the term god is used loosely, and does not refer only to the Christian god.]
b. G-d is a deity. To quote chutterhanban, and therefore quote G-d, he has said “I Am”.
“Atheism, as an explicit position, can be either the affirmation of the nonexistence of gods, or the rejection of theism.”Wikipedia

“Theism, in its most inclusive usage, is the belief in at least one deity.”Wikipedia

“A deity is a postulated preternatural or supernatural being, who is always of significant power, worshipped, thought holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, or respected by human beings.”Wikipedia

a. If G-d affirms the nonexistence of gods, he cannot Be. [atheism]
b. If G-d rejects theism, he rejects his belief in at least one deity. [rejection of theism]
c. If G-d rejects his belief in at least one deity, he cannot Be. [rejection of theistic deity]

If you follow this postulate, and you agree with the definitions of atheism, theism, and deity as presented above, you will agree that it is not possible for G-d to be atheist.

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That’s one of my arguments for not being a Christian.

I tell folks, “I will become a Christian, when Gawd becomes one.”

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If God is omnipotent, could He create a rock so big he can’t lift it?

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Questions met with questions breed confusion and disarray.

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Are you not confused?

quote, end quote:


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They rest their case.

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I heart you, JackAdams.

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According to the Old Testament “god’s” first commandment is:
Have no other gods before me.

Therefore, “god” acknowledges there are others, and, let’s us know to have none before having him.

That’s the essence of an atheist – to have no god’s before having any.

Therefore, god is an atheist.

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Definition of Theist:
Belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world.
If God acknowledges the existence of any gods, he is a theist – not atheist.
Therefore, your argument just disappeared in a puff of logic.

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@ frish: the “gods” that he refers to are idols. along with other physical idols such as Baal, the driving love of anything above God himself is considered a “god”

however, if one views the Christian God as simply a “god,” then your philosophy would work. i’m not sure exactly what the asker meant, but since he capitalized it, I’m assuming he was referring to the Christian God.

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the question is defunct to begin with: can one person, ‘gather ‘round’? The terms aren’t compatible -

you have a misunderstanding of omnipotence. study harder.

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Your path to enlightenment is fraught with belittling others. Mine, hopefully, not so much. I was just asking the collective a question.

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Then it is also fair to say that in your question, you have belittled God.

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This is a question of philosophy and semantics.

I was simply asking about a definition of a word when used as a descriptor of something it’s not regularly associated with. How is this belittling?

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alpha and omega. You can’t have a God who is beginning and end and apply a concept of atheism without contradicting terms. You might preface that you are looking at a less powerful deity.

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@squirbel WORD, (just read it)! Way to not break a commandment! Your arguments are WAY more rational than I was able to be.

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For those who don’t know – I believe in G-d. I have no doubt about his existence.

I thank you for the compliment, Voodoo!

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I think if a god was an atheist, that particular god would have some self-esteem issues since they don’t believe in themselves.

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@VoodooLogic, there was a god that was considered the alpha and the omega, he was the lamb of god, the light of the world, he was born of a virgin, he performed miracles, he was executed, was dead for three days, and ascended to heaven. He did this hundreds of years before Jesus. His name was Horus. Now which one is the real one?

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god opens up eyes of the blind and he raises up those who are down down down the lord loves the liars protects the strangers and may all generations PRAISE the lordd lol i heard that song once well i dont believe in all that god stuff im only 13 for petes sake

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I am that I am.
Small god you got there. Belittled by a man?

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