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What are some good Republican forum sites?

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) October 4th, 2008

I feel like I’m seeking out and surrounding myself with my own beliefs, and would like to hear more about the other side even if t makes me mad. Any suggestions?

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Great question to you.

I am going to check it out to.

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There are no republicans in the Internet.

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I don’t think going to a conservative internet forum is really going to do much as far as opening your mind to other values and principals, just like this one does nothing for an independent/conservative. I’m sure they’re just as intolerant and close-minded over there as all the bleeding-hearts are over here which is truly unfortunate.

If you’re genuinely interested in expanding your political horizons, you should check out The Michael Medved Radio Show. He’s a former liberal turned conservative, is Jewish (no annoying Christian banter), is almost literally a human encyclopedia and most importantly of all, is not angry.

Trust me, nothing in the world will close your mind faster than traveling over to a strictly conservative internet forum.

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I missed this when it was current. The right-wing has abandoned the stalwart writers of conservatism like George Will, David Brooks and Christopher Buckley. From my touring the right wing sites, the aforementioned are apparently too logical and not rabid enough.

The up and coming commenter is Michelle Malkin

She’ll open your eyes!

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