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Should I move from NYC to Syracuse?

Asked by Hobbes510 (56points) October 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve got a very significant career move in store for me with about a 35% pay raise this year. And another 20% next year (all in writting). Thing is, I’m 27, single, and leaving many friends and family behind in NYC. I know it’s something I should do but…. Wow, it’s quite a change. I was born and raised in NYC, and have never left except for a couple years in Oswego county back in late ‘99 and 2000. Anyone have some advice?

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If it is just a temporary move to step-up your career – it might be worth it. Otherwise, think hard!!!

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I am sure the thought is intimidating.

Knowing only what little info you have given…I would encourage you to “go for it”. It is the perfect opportunity to get out of your safety zone a bit.

I just MapQuested it. 4 1/2 hours away. (I am sure you know this….but I didn’t and others reading this might not either…) Close enough to go home on a weekend and far enough to spread your wings.

Congratulations on your opportunity.

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My first thought was, no—why leave NYC? But after I read your explanation: you’ve always lived in the city, and you are moving away from everything you know, well, that’s potentially kind of exciting at the age of 27 (a very important age in many systems).

If the job seems exciting (the work—not just the money) and you realize that, if you hate this you can always go back—I would suggest taking the new opportunity. Who knows who you’ll meet? the adventures you will have? the new weather you will experience?

Good luck!

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It’s a nice small city – (skfinkel- there are finkel roots there) .

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And once you start work and make some friends there, you will have less stage fright (which most of us have when we try something new). Same language, same currency, same senators and governor, on a lake, has a major university for sports and culture, your money will go further; and NYC isn’t going anywhere

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Plus there is definitely something to be said about moving to a city with 7 million less people bustling around.

This might be a good place to find some groups that you can interact with outside of the people you work with.

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Syracuse has a fun, young population – and your money will go a LONG way there, much, much longer than your salary goes in NYC. In fact, Syracuse is in the top 20 list of American cities where you get more bang for your buck.

As a former Syracusian, and now an NYC’er…...well, it gets hella cold, very snowy, and can be boring. But there are a lot of good restaurants, bars, some theaters, and cool neighborhoods.

I say you do it. At the very least you get a chance to save up on your cash before you head back to NYC if you can’t stand it.

BTW, if you’ve lived in Oswego – there’s MUCH more going on in Suracuse. (Sorry, Oswego)

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