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How many users are their on Fluther?

Asked by gooch (5734points) August 11th, 2007

Is their a place to see the number of members?

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We currently (as of August '07) have about 1700 registered users in the collective, but most of our traffic is from unregistered users (more than all our members daily).

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@ben, that's interesting. Knowing that, I can imagine a big goal of yours is to convert some percentage of those casual browsers into Fluther members. If you care to, could you share what design decisions you've made to try to do that?

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@segdeha - Actually, it's not that straightforward. We're always happy when the we get new users, but we realize that it's healthy (and standard) to get many, many more users who just passively observe. Part of this is because lots of our traffic comes from search, where people are just looking for the answer to a particular problem. But in the grander scheme, our top priority is to ensure quality and community. If getting more users meant worse questions and answers, that's not what we want.

That being said, of course we want registration to be easy and worthwhile, and that's partly why we have the inline, ajax registration form, available from every page. We've also tried to design the live preview to encourage registration, without any bait-and-switching. If you want to talk more about specifics send me a comment... but in truth, I think we still can (and will) make a number of improvements.

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