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Does your bank have good (or bad) online banking?

Asked by sumul (360points) October 4th, 2008

I need to open a business checking account. My needs are very basic. I don’t think I’ll be setting foot in a physical branch more than once a year, so my primary criterion is the quality of online banking.

I’m looking for an intuitive interface, reliable service (fast servers and little or no downtime), and no specific browser requirements (“Internet Explorer only” is unacceptable). Basically, I’m wondering if there are any banks out there that have online banking that doesn’t feel like it was built in 1998.

If your bank’s online banking is crappy, that’s useful information too!

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Union Bank of California. They have great on-line banking. You can get statements on-line, make payments and transfers, and it’s all in an easy to access format. My account isn’t a business account, but I can’t see how that would make much of a difference.

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Chase has really great online banking

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I’e been using online banking for years. I started off with Wells Fargo for accounts that I was conservator for and BofA for myself. Wells Fargo was more difficult and the charged for online transactions so we quickly moved out. But that was years ago so I’m sure they conform to the standards. I deal with both BofA and Wamu and they are both pretty simalar and easy. I had a problem when BofA when they cut my access off from an account where I was a cosigner but not a co-owner, a trust account. It took me 2 weeks with customer service before anybody could tell me why I couldn’t get into the account. I got so mad at the way they acted that we moved the account to Wamu. But that is the BofA culture, rotten customer service. Wamu is great, at least they have been.

We use both automatic payments, for things like rent, and regular online bill pay. It takes just a couple of minutes to pay the bills when you pick up the mail. I probably only handwrite 2–3 checks a year. I’ve had some small problems with e-bills at BofA. At one time I had a revolving account at a dept store and then later a credit card. I set it up as an e-bill but they never could get the payment on the right account and I would get late notices on one with a credit balance on the other so no more e-bills.

When the bank system is going down it is usually in the middle of the night and they post notices ahead of time. I have used AOL and Earthlink as well as Internet Explorer at work and never had a connection problem.

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I use Bank of America’s online banking for my personal checking account.

It has an intuitive interface and good search functionality (I can easily find purchases I made a few months ago). It works in Safari and Firefox. I pay all my bills using e-Bill, which allows scheduling payments in advance. They also offer all electronic notifications (I get no paper statements whatsoever).

I’ve been using their online system for three years. There is occasional downtime, but it is always scheduled for weekends.

Overall, I’d recommend it.

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I use M & I Bank Their on line banking is great! Excellent security.

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