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Why do black ant's taste like pepper?

Asked by JasonH (107points) October 5th, 2008

ants = firey…

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Peradventure the better question here is: why are you eating ants?
And by the way, look out! Here comes an ‘s’!

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Pepper achieves it’s flavor from a mild acid. Ants also create acid, if you don’t believe that have one bite you.

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I think they kinda taste like potato chips

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Why are people eating bugs? When I suish an ant it smeels like bug spray and then I need to wash thouroughly as bug spray makes me sick, even the smell.

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ants are the popcorn of some countries

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umm…you’re not supposeed to eat ants unless you have a long snout and waddle when you walk. And if you have a long snout and do waddle when you walk…you’re not supposed to be using a computer.

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Why are you eating ants?

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I think the real question is: Why do I eat ants?

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Ants. Why are they in your mouth? They should be on the ground, carrying sand.

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they carry sand? lol

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why do i eat ants cause there mmmmm yummy ! and i like bugs:) especilly Spiders. but i dont eat spiders lmao! really no need to buy pepper. :) oh chocolate coverd ants are yummmmy!

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Are ants nice tasting, are they crunchy?

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