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Has anyone been to the paper fair in SF this weekend?

Asked by occ (4080points) August 11th, 2007

There is a apparently a fair/market of antique paper and postcards this weekend at the building right near the arboretum in GG park. Has anyone been? What is it like? And how to I find out about amazing events like this in the future? Someone mentioned it to me today or I would have completely missed it. I love book fairs, antique fairs, art there an email list to get on?

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That's a good question. I find out about these things randomly myself. I wish we had a decent newspaper here! I say remind yourself to check out the newspapers on Wednesday and Sunday each week for events. Maybe there's a link on

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P.S. Thanks for the tip! I live right near there. Fort Mason hosts a lot of events like this, maybe you can contact them for mailings?

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