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How much should it cost to fly to Paris?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) October 5th, 2008

I want to fly from either Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA to Paris, France at the end of May 2009. Priceline puts the cost at about $1600. For anyone who’s traveled there before, does this seem right? Or, if I am good about checking frequently, do you think I could find one for under $1k?

Or, if I flew to London, then bought a separate ticket to Paris, do you think that would be any cheaper? Or is that just silly…


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A good/experienced travel agent might be able to find you a lower price, and there is no charge for asking; only buying.

The thing is that, in 2009, the price will probably be considerably higher for a ticket, than it is right now, so you are advised to purchase your ticket, as soon as you can, to keep the cost as low as possible.

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It seem that is it long flyet and also doesn t seem to cheep so Each part of the flyet could cost 200 dolars by second class.If you can aford bether class to fly in so count money extra.

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Always call the airline, they may be able to get you a better rate over the phone than anything you can find online.

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Don’t be afraid to haggle. They want your business.
at $1.6K a seat, who wouldn’t?

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It seems a bit high to me… My fiancee and his family fly frequently to France, and I’m planning a trip over around May as well. In my experience with expedia, I’ve been seeing flights between $900 and $1400 depending on the day and time.

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$1600 is pretty darn good deal, actually. I would saw it’s pretty standard for May, which IMHO is one of the cheapest times to fly to europe (really May and June). If you’re going say in July, you should expect about $2000.

I have family in France and have made the trip several times.

You might find it for cheaper than that (more power to you) but I doubt it.

I definitely agree with JackAdams, from past experience and just having some idea the fuel issues going on right now. Ticket prices for a certain date will NOT go down. EVER. You would be well-advised to book for ticket as soon as you know the exact dates.

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I agree that it seems a bit high. I am flying from Amsterdam to San Francisco in November for about 500 euros. That is about $700… I am guessing it will be possible to find a ticket that is cheaper than $1600. Try

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My friends and I are flying to Paris from Newark in June. We haven’t booked anything yet but are looking at around $1400 round trip so with the extra connection I’d say you’re probably in the right ballpark unfortunately. There are cheap flights from London to Paris (try Flybe airlines or Ryannair) but I don’t know how much you’d save.

We paid around $1200 a year ago and prices are only going up.

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I go to Paris every year, and on average it’s around $1000 bucks. You can get the best deal if you book your tickets and hotel together on a site like If you’re staying with someone, with ticket prices skyrocketing, try to use frequent flier miles and/or book way in advance. If you are flying out from London Ryanair is the way to go; it’s absurdly cheap. You can also take the train from London to Paris…

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I would check out flights to London, then you can either get a budget airline flight – Ryanair, Easyjet etc, or you could get the Eurostar from King’s Cross. It goes from central London to central Paris, so you don’t mess around on shuttle buses or anything, you only have to check in half an hour before, and it’s quite quick, about 2 1/2 hours. The two tricks to getting a cheap Eurostar ticket are to book a long way in advance – which you can, and not to go at the peak times – weekends, particularly friday evenings and sunday evenings. So you might be on to a winner! Good luck

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it all varies hugley based upon the days of travel, number of stops and when you travel (time of year)

$800 to geneva last week for me, but next week on different days (i went sat-sat) it is twice that price.

spend some time changing your dates and route. and if you book early, you can fly with budget airlines( a cheap flight to london then a cheap flight booked in advance on easyjet)

and depending on your plans, you might find it cheaper to rent a car (or take a bus or train) after arriving in another french city and exploring parts of france, not just paris. but you really don’t want to drive in paris. unless you’re an experienced urban driver, it can be a bit, ahem, hectic!

good luck.

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from london to paris it cost less than 50 euros by easyjet ;) train from london to paris is like 75 i guess :)

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flight from new york to london with british airways are like 300–400 pounds

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Check out I just checked ATL – PARIS and tix showed up as low as $549 in May. A calendar should show up on the right-hand side when you start entering in the date, and shows you your options for different dates.

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Nothing. They’d have to pay me to get me to go there. I know a lot of people really love it, but it just isn’t the vacation destination for me!

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All i know in this is that from London to Paris it would cost about 50GBP because that is what I have just paid with BMI Baby, not too sure about the rest sorry :(

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Just paid 3700 for a first class round trip from the west coast to CdG.

You might find useful for fare tracking. Ditto—I think it’s run by Bing these days.

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