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Do you think this is funny?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12569points) October 5th, 2008
(You can hold your cursor over each comedian to hear a clip from their routine.)

I’m not gonna lie. I think these guys are hilarious. But I also know comedy is very subjective. What’s your opinion?

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I didn’t find those particular clips funny. Not for any particular PC reason – I just think they weren’t that funny.

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That’s fair!

(I’m kind of confused though: Do you mean your laughter or lacktherof didn’t have to do with whether the jokes were politically correct or not, or do you mean that the reason you didn’t find them funny was politically “incorrect”?)

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Meh on the humor, but I appreciate the effort to highlight Muslim culture.

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I thought only the third comedian was funny.

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Azhar! Yeah, he’s my favorite! I saw him live.

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I like their humor. Or, I should say – I appreciate their efforts. Their humor doesn’t strike me as funny all the time, but that is because of my humor style.

I do appreciate the fact that in a Muslim-phobic country they are willing to get up there and show the ignoramus’ that Muslims are funny too. Normal. Like everyone else.

And yes – I just said America as a whole is Muslim-phobic. Don’t lie and say the majority isn’t. So what if you, as an individual are cool with them as people. It’s a world where majority rules.

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I thought they were funny. I would need to hear more of it.

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Didn’t find it hilarious, but would like to hear more of them. I would like to know more about Muslim culture – all aspects of it – than just the stereotypes we are usually shown.

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the guy in the middle and on the right are alright.

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I actually thought these guys were a bit funnier, but i didn’t watch all the clips yet.

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I only found the guy on the far right funny.
I think the show Salam Cafe is hilarious and really very informative.
A bit of interesting info about it
A funny skit

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