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Can I get a REFUND?

Asked by maybe_KB (669points) October 5th, 2008

Do you feel It’s wrong or impolite to ask for a refund?

I spent a lot of my young adult life in a community where there’s an abundant amount of Chinese/Asian owned clothing stores.
89% of these clothing stores posted signs stating: NO REFUNDS!
I don’t think that’s fair…or legal!

Are you embarrassed to ask for 1 @ a restaurant?
What about the Dry Cleaners
I’m aware some things cannot be refunded like DVD & CDs due to copy rights
What’s your take on Refunds
BIG or small?

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I won’t patronize an establishment with a posted sign stating NO REFUNDS! because the only time I did, the owner wouldn’t give a refund, even for a purchase that was made two hours ago and was because the merchandise was clearly defective.

He said, quoting, “You should have opened/examined it, while you were here in the store.”

At 2 AM the next day, I had some street people (at $5/each) hurl bricks through his store windows.

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@Jack that’s exactly what I would have done!

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“Great minds think alike!”

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if i were ever so brave

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You don’t do it yourself.

You hire street people (who are desperate for funds), and while they are doing “whatever,” you are off having dinner with the Chief of Police or establishing some other equally unimpeachable alibi.

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@JackAdams So are you incapable of reading or did you just think the rules didn’t apply to you?

If you disagree with a policy of no refunds, then don’t frequent that establishment.

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I usually dont deal with shady establishments. Plus it seems to me that a lot of ethnic businessmen want to make a profit and once they have it they will not give it up.

I mean cause were i at home depot and we will honestly refund anything. Just complain to a manager.

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@syz: The sign stating such was not conspicuously posted when the item was originally purchased.

In fact, I don’t think the sign existed at all, until I returned to the shop.

Nobody rips me off, and gets away with it.


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Great minds? more like criminal minds!

If a store is not willing to stand behind their wares, it is a sure sign those wares are substandard. Don’t shop at a store that sells substandard goods. How difficult is that to understand.

As far as a refund at a restaurant, if the meal wasn’t cooked as ordered or described on the menu, I might send it back but you don’t eat a meal and then ask for a refund.

If a spot doesn’t come out at the dry cleaner’s how do you know removal was even possible? If you aren’t getting good service just don’t use them again.

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I don’t ask for refunds. If service or the item I purchased fails, I just don’t go back to the store.

In my culture, asking for a refund is insulting – not only to the store owner, but to my own intelligence. I put a lot of thought into my purchases and do not spend money frivolously.

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Do you have access to any cement?

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well, in norway it’s 14 days refund no matter what by law.
also, if something is broken we have a 2 year warranty for everything by law. For computer and some other stuff it’s 5 years.
well, i didn’t ask for refund before, but i’ve started with it recently.

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Please arrange to have your laws enacted in the USA.

Some of us will be most grateful!

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@Jack have you ever taken anger management classes? j/k

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Yes. (j/k)

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Well, if you come over here and buy it in norway you will get it :p however there is a huge price difference between the US and Norway. the price is around 25% more here so for an american it’s kinda costy. On a funny sidenote tho, a lot of people in norway buy stuff in the US to get it cheaper, but they forget that they lose everything the norwegian law gives them. So 1 year later when their PC suddently crashes without reason all they can do is buy a new one :)

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Check with your local better business bureau about whether this practice is ok.

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I need to check the laws of the state
I thought it was across the board 72 hours to refund ANYTHING!
(w/ those few exceptions due to copy right)
I’m really opposed to refunds @ boutiques.
It always appears they’re on their last leg(s)
Selling great finds @ ridiculous amounts of money.
However, boutique owners (those i’ve come across)
always appear Very Well Off.. With their well managed up-do,
pricey attire & large jewelry pieces.
Maybe im just embarrassed. Esp. in Small,intimate enclosures. Versus a place like ‘Walgreens’.

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Tales From the Other Side… of the counter

As a restaurant worker, I get fairly distressed when someone asks for a refund… It takes a bit of effort with my store’s computer system and goes on my (and the store’s) permanent record. Then again, I’m much more neurotic than most people, and am fairly easily distressed, especially at my job.

The bottom line is to ask yourself the severity of the situation. I’ve had people hounding on me for a difference of 30 cents. That is simply annoying and stupid (yes, it’s injustice, but it’s an injustice of 30 cents. Please, even I’m not that OCD). Check the situation first, then ask for a discount or replacement or some other thing to resolve the situation if you deem it worth it. But weigh the evidence.

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hell no you pay for a service if they dont proved it or provide it in a bad way then you deserve a refund, i wont shop at a place that says no refunds

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Yes but first I need your signature here x_________ & here x_________ and here x________. Then please fill out the front page with 25 “idiotic” questions about your return. Then fill out this page here in triplicate form and sign here x__________ and please initial lines 12, 17 and 20. And put an “x” in the “I accept box if you infact agree to the terms of this return. OK?
And I think a refund is not too much to ask at all. I didn’t know the sweater I bought for my mom was gonna really be 3 sizes too big. Ooops! lol

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It’s 14 days here. There was a law passed recently that states that the store must give cash back for a cash purchase – credit for credit. In effect, most places make a fuss and try to give only store credit.

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Too bad you can’t sue get a refund the school or post secondary system for damages from bad or ineffectual teaching…. For example… little Johnny wasn’t stupid before he went to school…I want a refund. Or can you sue?... I still don’t know when to use Their or There properly and I’m half way through a Liberal arts degree.

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It is wrong to impolitly request a refund. If the signs were perfectly clear before you purchased the product there are several things to consider. First, any signage counts as part of the ‘contract’ the buyer and the seller are engaging in. So, are you willing to break that ‘contract’? Second, ask yourself: is the product actually defective or did you purchase it with insufficient information? Both of the second are cause to revisit the ‘contract’. Third, many stores have liberal refund policies, and they have these policies because they can afford the consequences. Wal-mart is huge and can afford the waste that returns signify. Small businesses cannot afford that level of waste. Fourth, many returns made today are made because the buyer can, not for any product issues. This means the buyer is just out spending money because they can, not for need or desire for the product. These types of returns are an annoyance to both sides of the counter. Retailers’ worry quotient increases because the rise in these types of returns signal a collapse in sales and revenue at some later point. Buyers who habitually do returns have issues with self-control, self-esteem, and self-discipline. They are unable to make a clear and firm decision, and to live with their choices. These types tend to be rude and aggressive rather than firm and assertive and make the whole process unpleasant.

So, remember requesting a refund impolitely will make matters worse, doing so politely may make the refund possible.

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Are you embarrassed to ask for 1 @ a restaurant?
What about the Dry Cleaners
I’m aware some things cannot be refunded like DVD & CDs due to copy rights
What’s your take on Refunds
BIG or small?

1. Not embarrassed, just don’t.
2. Yes.
3.Big yes, small no. It depends. I usually just write it off and make a note to self: never again here.

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