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What exactly is Fantasy Football?

Asked by writerini (151points) October 5th, 2008

That’s all.

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Well, this is a start

Basically, you and your buddies get to pretend to be major league managers and select players for your team.

The better your players do, the more points you earn.

The one with the most points wins.

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Something like this

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To my way of thinking, it is a football game where I am the only man on either team, and the other players are naked Playboy® centerfolds.

Makes me look forward to being “tackled.”

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Fireside has it right. You can make a team up using players from the NFL, the players don’t have to be from the same team (although the can be), you need to have a correct team (ie not all quarterbacks or all kickers or whatever, that’d be pointless). When the players you selected from your team play in an actual game, you get points based on how well they do. For example, a basic touchdown is worth six points and it is worth more if it is a 30+ yard touchdown (the more yards, the more points). In the end, whomever picked the best team and earned the most points (based on how well the players they chose perform) wins.

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Its Dungeons & Dragons for sports fans. Totally funny to tell them that too. Such nerds :)

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Actually it involves cheerleaders and me.

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