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Do you have unanswered questions for the deceased?

Asked by joli (628points) August 12th, 2007

Someone who could unravel a mystery but is no longer available having taken the information with them into infinity.

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yes I would think everybody has someone they would love to converse with that has past away. I belive in time I will have the opertunity to get my answers when we meet again.

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I certainly have some questions for those that have passed on before me. Some for treasured family members and some for people who have passed on that I have admired. If I could ask anything of a deceased person right now and get the answer right now....I would ask my Grandmother how she is doing and what is heaven like, because I know she is there.

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This question raised the interesting and important corollary of taking care of unfinished business before someone dies. I wish that I had tried harder w. some of my family who were emotionally distant or walled-in.

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I completely agree with you, gailcalled. We always think there is a tomorrow to sort out wrongs or convey our true feelings to others, however that isn't always the case. Every day, I try to keep my list of regrets to a few. Referring to questions for deceased, my question would involve my grandmother's claim that she was an orphan. Recently, I've heard this wasn't the case but that she had a troubled childhood. Hopefully when I see her in the afterlife (if there is one) I can ask her.

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Sad but true a lot of us lose our parents and especially Grandparents before we have the questions. I would like to ask my Grandparents, (whom I never knew), what my parents were like growing up. I know that would help me understand their decisions in a way that's impossible for me without the knowledge. Heresay and stories handed down are not neccessarily the way things actually happened. Beyond that I'd love to talk to a Roman Emporer, among other historical figures!

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All I can think of in response is I was too much hassle for my mom while she was alive, it would be really rude and self-centered for me to bother her now that she's passed on. If death is nothing else, it should be a relief from the troubles of this world.

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i think everyone has an unanswered question from the deceased.. i kno i do.. i mean when sumone u expect to see the next day jus vanishes and you have not thought to why.. it kinda makes you wanna kno what was running through their mind rite

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