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??? huh??? Isn’t the statement self explanatory?

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Not much. What’s your point? You could have given a bit of context for this question (if such it is).

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If I might, seVen:
it’s a great question: extremely pertinent as we the taxpayers begin bailing out the
exact corporations that gained the whole world specifically because they have no souls.

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What’s with the tags?

Topics: me, money, world, finance, rich, wealth, bank, i, net, dollar, Myself, worth, Profit, Amero, greed, mammon, domination, chadder, more, euro

Why is this question about you or yourself, specifically seven?

And what in the heck are Amero, mammon, or chaddar?

Also I see no nets in this question…

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The American presidency.

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@La chica:
The tags are all over the place, but I feel that I can help clarify…
– “Chadder”... ? I believe this was supposed to say “cheddar”. A nickname for “cash”.
– “Net” probably goes with “profit” to create the phrase “net profit”.
– No idea why “me”, “myself” and “i” are in there.

I suspect, as susanc said, this refers to the struggling American economy.

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Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done.

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You probably learned in grade school math that you can’t mix units. So, for instance, if you want to multiply 5 days times 15 weeks, your answer won’t make any sense. You have to convert weeks into days, and then you can multiply them to get something useful.

So in your equation:

(whole world) – soul =

I am having trouble converting them into the same unit in order to get an answer that makes sense. Can you explain what units I should be using?

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It’s the metric system.

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The population of the earth


Own Soul



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LOL, nikipedia, GA!

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…maybe I rather should have asked this all the Wall Street.

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The Kingdom of God is Within You

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queenzboulevard: Good works alone will not get you into heaven, you have to believe.

Loser: You are starting to look alot like ah….ah….er… Can’t think of her name, but I like her.

There is nothing in the world worth trading your soul for.

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@cardinal That’s not my beliefs that’s the rest of the verse lol

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Not much I guess.

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Um, let’s just say a soul is a euphemism for the whole sense of a person.

If a person gains a lot of worldly wealth and things and such, but loses their sense of self; loses direction; loses a feeling that their life is meaningful, then you’ve got a deeply unhappy person who gets to play with a lot of things.

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. But all play and no work makes Johnny a superfluous boy.

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Daloon, “superfluous”, great.

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If you are Bernard Madoff, a lot – until you get caught.

Also, if you are Madoff – you’ve already sold your soul. Now he’s got nothing else to hock. Serves the bastard right.

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I traded my soul for a Snickers bar and a 20 oz. Pepsi. Best deal I ever made.

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Especially since you aren’t around to know what you’re missing.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. If he/she were atheist they would have the mother of all real estate, they could care less about losing a soul because they believe it will just go into non-existence after they die so there is no down side for them. If you believe in God then there is a BIG down side because here is just a speed bump on the eternal journey so though the world may look like much to us finite beings to trade it for eternal paradise is not trade, even if you had a way to get all the butt nuggets off of it.

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“Fact from fiction, truth from diction”

You say that a lot. O_o

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Been playing Symphony of the Night lately?

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This post reminds me of the old movie Citizen Kane. He “lost his soul” but got really wealthy.

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The sum total worth of all real estate and material wealth in the world is worth about several trillion, so several trillion is what it would profit a man if he shall gain the whole world. Now, as to whether that is worth more or less than his soul, is his decision.

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Quote from the bible, its like how to have your cake and eating it to.

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One of the things about life I love is the act of discovering what things in this world have soul and ignoring the rest.

That off the rack Camry? That fake microbrew?

They have no soul.

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