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Does anybody know any home remedies for allergic reactions?

Asked by DevilDiva (197points) October 5th, 2008

I am asking because I don’t have health insurance right now. I have no idea what I am allergic to. My arms and back itch like crazy every night, then I end up with itchy welts. I’ve tried baking soda paste, otc hydrocortizone cream, and benadryl. I just want to stop the itching. I seriously hope that there is somebody that knows something.

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lay off the crack?

when you say you itch every night do you mean every night like just at night time or when your in bed? If its in bed you may be allergic to dust mites or something along those lines. Try washing your sheets/blankets or better yet get a hypo allergic sheets/pillow covers.

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I will probably have to get hypo-allergenic sheets and pillow cases. We have washed all the bed linen without much luck.

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This usually happens before I go to bed. It’s getting ridiculous. It’s been like this for the last month.

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Are you using anything new? New detergent, new soap, new shampoo? Do you shower/bathe before bed? Think back over the last month to see if anything is new in your household.

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The possibility of fleas or bedbugs or spiders? Allergies to dust mites do not cause itchy welts.

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I don’t know! I don’t even know you, but I’m really worried about you because you said you don’t have health insurance!!

I’ve had similar issues with random rashes, but the only things that helped me were prescriptions.

Not to preach, but it’s a really big deal, if there’s ANY way you can get health insurance you should do it as soon as possible!!!! What if (Heaven forbid) you got into a car accident or something? How would you pay your medical bills?

I HATE it when people preach on fluther but if I kept it to myself it would be on my conscious, PLEASE think of this itching as your warning sign, your thing that’s not that serious but wakes you up to the fact that something is wrong! You NEED health insurance! All the time!

I got hit by a car a few weeks ago. I wasn’t do anything wrong, I did everything right, but I still go hit. I was on my bicycle, and it turned out that I was okay, I didn’t need to go to the hospital, but it made me realize how dangerous riding my bike is. I always wear my helmet since then.

again, sorry to preach, but i had to say it.

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@DD The fact that it is occuring only “at night” is suggestive that it is something from your environment. Consider lotions, detergents…or bed bugs.

Figure out the trigger and eliminate your problem. Good luck!

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Also, make sure you don’t wear any “new” clothing without washing it. You could try just washing your bedding in baking soda water to see if it is an allergy to your detergent.
Think if there is anything new that you are eating- especially at supper time.
If your symptoms don’t go away in a day or so, you could go to the county health clinic or public health department clinic- they are less expensive than a “for profit” clinic- but do go to a doctor soon! Some allergic reactions are from the body reacting to a virus or “hidden bacterial infection”.

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La Chica, I have applied for Medicaid. I’m waiting to see if I’m approved.

Dee is thinking spider bites. I don’t think it’s the laundry detergent because we use the same one to wash clothes and bed linens. How can I tell if it is bedbugs?

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calamine lotion.

Bedbugs are horrible. My friend’s apartment was infested…they had to wrap mattresses in plastic and spray, spray everywhere for months…

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If you find any kind of bug or spider in your bed or clothing, or in the carpet, use cellophane tape and tape one to a white paper. Then take the paper to an exterminator or county agent, or a clinic. They can identify it for you and have ideas for getting rid of them- if the link above doesn’t help.

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Diva! whew! that’s good to know.

one idea about the itching: you said that the itching was mostly your back, and that you tried washing your sheets.

do you have a hypoallergenic mattress cover? it could be that whatever is irritating your skin (mites etc) is in the mattress, and coming through the sheet.

or it could be excema/dermatitis, i’ve heard that can often occur just on the back and backs of the arms, but one would think the hydrocorizone would have taken care of that. i’m not expert though.

where in the heck is shilolo?

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