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Which do you eat first: side dish or main?

Asked by nicholasbeem (33points) October 5th, 2008

When you start in on a plate of food, do you start with a side dish or skip straight to the main event? Is there a pattern to which you eat first?

Personally, I always eat a bit of starch and vegetable before tasting the main dish. I’m wondering if that’s a personality quirk or human instinct evolved for nutritional reasons?

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you mix them together!

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I alawys eat salad last (but before dessert). Generally, I’ll try to have a bite of everything left at the end, and finish with whatever bite is best.

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I like to take a bite of everything on my plate to get a taste. After that, I’ll go for whatever I like the least, then work my way tot he best.

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I’m with blast on this one. Save the best for last, whichever one that may be!

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I always taste the sides first, but I eat most of my main dish before I even start to really eat the sides. However, some sides need to be mixed together, like as rice & beans.

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I start with a side and work my way toward the main dish in a clockwise pattern – repeating until finished.

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sides first, always.

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side then main

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I used to taste everything then start with least favorite and go to best taste. I found I over-ate when I did this though so I switched. Favorite first, save a bite or two, go to the others and when I start to feel full eat the saved bites. :) I get the same outcome and I don’t have to be rolled away from the table afterwords.

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I always start with what I like least, to what I like best… eating only one thing at a time. It’s rare that I take a bite of something else in the middle. I need to follow krose’s advice. Why the hell fill up on the stuff that’s not your favorite first, only to get full by the time you reach the favorite? But that’ll change 25 years of eating habits for me. LOL

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I feel so validated now. I thought I was such a weirdo for how I eat.. I mean, I watch other people and they all seem to eat everything at an even pace. I try a bite of everything and work my way from least tasty to most tasty. Vegetables are usually first, I know I have to eat them, so I want to get them out of the way so I can move on to something yummier.

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salad first, then i eat the other side dishes with my main meal.

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I hate to be the one that come sin and gets all technical, but there’s actually a “right” way to eat your food, and it’s called Food Combining (creative name, I know). Basically it says that starches and proteins never go together and only get paired with veggies (so no steak and potatos, meat and bread, etc.). Same with fats… never pair with starches or other fats and only with veggies.

Eat all veggies first and the main dish second and you’re good to go. The reason is that your body digests things in order of ease. Obviously spinach is easier and quicker to digest than say chicken.

So there you go. :]

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i hate eating one thing at a time….it all gets mushed together anyway…lol

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hahah, oh yeah, I understand the sentiment there… just a suggestion ;]

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@ thenakedhippie – I have always done it that way anyway. but I did it because I liked them the least. I eat my least favorite first.

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A Bri_L Did you ever notice that skinny ppl eat what they like first and ppl with weight “issues” eat the stuff they don’t like first and save the best for last???? Food for thought!

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Bri_L: Me too, initially, but I found myself in a class about homeopathy and naturopathic health and whatnot, and learned that it’s what your body prefers. Who knew?

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our body’s know.

I actually started to like how my taste cleaned and stomach felt when I ate the vegetables first to. OH, and I grew the heck up and gave them a chance. :-)

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whatever I like the most, I eat all of it first.

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It dosen’t really matter either way you do it

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