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How could ANY civilization, prior to the birth of Christ, construct a pyramid that covers 9,000 SQUARE MILES?

Asked by JackAdams (6515points) October 5th, 2008

To do that would be a remarkable engineering feat, even in THIS CENTURY, let alone in the BC time period.

Anyone want to try to explain that?

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Well it is well known that even before Christ that there were many mathematicians, philosophers and scholars that were able to amaze us all with such inventions and calculations, in fact just by using the angle of the sun someone in Egypt was remarkably close to the distance around the Earth, if I’m remembering that correctly. Again with the other pyramids, even though not near as huge they were extremely accurate with every block placed. Plus with lack of documentation in South America at the time it is very possible that they could have had a similar great mathematician or engineer that could have done it, by no means would it be impossible if you had enough materials and lives to spare.

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Or help from outer space aliens, per the Erich von Däniken theories.

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it would never happen in this century because people would be divided on different issues regarding the construction. back then, the adobe people were very religious and all believed the same things. according to the article, it was for religious purposes, so there would be no opposition representing the status of the endangered animals that would be harmed, the trees that would be chopped down, SLAVERY, etc…

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Since it was for religious purposes, the new thinking is that they gladly did the backbreaking labor because it was a religious privilege and a part of their social order.

Either that or…

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Aliens. @JA, google “synchromysticism” and click around.

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Great mathematicians or engineers or not, thats about 95 miles by 95 miles! Hard to understand how they did it, if they did.

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Slaves are out of vogue now.

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I think the answer is they couldn’t.

I’m confused by the wording of this article. Further down it states that the newly discovered pyramid has a base of 300×328 feet. Those dimension make more sense when you look at the picture from the article. If those are tree structures and roads then there is no way that pyramid has a 9000 square mile base.

There are some things that are just logistically impossible, driven by religion or not.

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This guy says that a pyramid in Egypt was built with 4000 men in 20 years.

but apparently all they had to do was speed up some Beastie Boys

Just realized that I didn’t read the whole question, doing so now

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P.S. Reminds me of the last shot of From Dusk Till Dawn.

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Another amazing thing is look at all the structures made thousands even hundreds of years ago. For example all the great church structures, mausoleums, castles, and other gigantic structures. Structures that have survived extream weather conditions, wars, and etc. Now think of the structures we build now, how long do they really last? Most can not even hold up against water damage, or other weather conditions. Some even just rot away.

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dunno – those pictures remind me of the debunked martian canals – maybe people are seeing what they want to? but i don’t know how the technology works.

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Trance24, allow me to unabashedly refer to this thread.

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I say the Pyramids in Egypt. They had to have lasers. It was aliens.

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Just because you can’t comprehend it, doesn’t make it impossible.

They were an incredibly dedicated and inteligent culture.

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who had some sort of technology that has either been lost or come from some higher intelligence.

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The pyramids in Egypt are quite amazing in the precision, but also for the enormous blocks used to build them.

It sounds like this pyramid was made of adobe, which is much easier to worth with, I would think. A 300×328 foot base is probably on par with other pyramids. Or at least not so much bigger. I don’t think any aliens were involved.

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Jack, you misread the dimensions. It’s no bigger than the other pyramids in Egypt and Mexico.
Thanks for the fun idea though.

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The article originally referenced by me has been updated and re-written, and the 9,000 square mile reference has been deleted. This notation now appears at the bottom of the updated article:

“An earlier version of this report included conflicting measurements of the newly discovered pyramid.”

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Yet another reason not to believe everything you hear or read. Question everything. Your brain will thank you for it.

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Remember the above admonishment, folks, the next time you are reading anything written in The Holy Bible.

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