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How to get over web addiction?

Asked by mabd (149points) October 5th, 2008

I’m addicted to web browsing, mostly reddit and sometimes fluther and political sites. It really interferes with my daily life both at work and for things I want to accomplish outside of work. How do I kick this habit?

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arrrrgggggg, i’m sitting here trying to read a short story wondering the same thing!!! I keep constantly looking at my new activity, but then not letting myself look at the actual threads because i need to work! what am i doing? argg. i should just turn my computer off and use my own bilingual dictionary, but the one on the internet is SO much easier. but i’m actually working slower because i’m writing this RIGHT NOW instead of reading. we are ridiculous people, you know that?

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If I knew the answer to this question, I wouldn’t be answering it! Let me know if you figure it out : )

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Yeah. I think you’re asking the wrong people.
Good luck with that though.

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Get rid of your internet connection?

And yeah, we all have the same problem.

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I was having the same trouble (as others pointed out they were). I went somewhere where I couldn’t access the web. Sounds simple.

But sometimes I needed the web for what I was doing.

Then I found out that if I did my fluther and other non-business stuff in one location I was less likely to do it in others.

Good luck.

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This may help and Google “internet addiction” for more resources.

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agreed—most of us on here probably ARE addicted. I am freaked out by the people with thousands of points! (sorry guys!)
i feel like i am constantly on here and don’t even have a thousand!

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I’m a little freaked out too, emily. Looking at my lurve, this evening I noted that on the same thread, I received twice as many lurve for telling someone they should be more polite to Gail as I did for actually answering the question. (And I thought it was a good answer too.)

I don’t understand lurve. I really don’t.

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Now that is funny! Your asking other flutherites this question??? Let’s just start with Hi my name is… and I’m an internet addict. LOL!

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@emilyrose: So funny; I was thinking the same thing. I’m on Fluther twice a day since May and I haven’t broken 1000.

As for the question: I would only worry if it is impeding your ability to work or have a relationship with a real live human (family, friends).

If that’s a “yes”, then I would seek some help as Kevbo suggested.

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Thanks for the answers guys. Kevbo nice link. Ironic that they have an “internet addiction recovery blog”. Hah.

But yeah,
@cprevite I think its a problem if I think its a problem. And yes it is impeding my ability to work somewhat (but today was a good day).

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I also find that if I give myself a goal, that helps. For example: I am only allowed to check my personal email/fluther/weather/nytimes once I have finished a work project.

I work from home so I never have the threat of being “caught” doing email which kept me off at least part of the time…. now I have to be very self-driven.

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Looks like we’re all having the same problem. If someone ever comes up with a solution let me know.

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does anyone else sense the irony of getting over an internet addiction by using a website and e-books on internet addiction?

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Just when you thought you were out, THEY SUCK YOU BACK IN!!!! Only through death

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by remembering that the “web” is not YOU.
You are more, bigger than the “web”.
and that you are a REAL flesh that have REAL life too,...not only in virtual world.
“you reap what you sow”, they say.
if you keep doing virtual things (as opposed to REAL things in REAL life), then you’ll get more virtual things. and if you do REAL things in REAL life, then you’ll get more REAL results in ur REAL life too, obviously.
simple truth, but I’m also an internet addict trying to quit, and after some long browsing around & pondering, I’ve finally come to this eureka moment.

remember, like others above said, you can treat the web as anything you want to be,
either as a tool to help you progress, and grow into a better person,
or treat is as ur master, and u’re the slave.
the choice is always yours.

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