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What is a good reliable laptop out there?

Asked by lillady604332000 (119points) October 5th, 2008

Going to start college in the spring and would like to get a good laptop. Price is not an issue.

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Price isn’t an issue? Get a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Most people on here will give you the same advice.

I’ve had an iBook for over four years, and it’s still going strong.

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Mac Book, If you’re wanting to get a good, fast reliable notebook then an mac is the way to go. Although i’d recommend waiting until the end of october to buy it because chances are they’ll release new ones at the upcoming apple event.

kevbo's avatar’s reviews are also good.

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I bought an HP after graduation, and then a Macbook at the beginning of my second semester in college. I’m midway thru the third semester now, and I wish I had the Macbook the whole time. If price isn’t an issue then go Macbook Pro. If there is someone here who says anything other than Macbook, they’ve probably never had one.

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If you dont have a whole lot of money, Dell honestly.

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whatever you do, don’t get an Acer. They are the worse laptops out there.

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MacBook ftw!

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@basp: i agree with you.

I also agree that you should get a MacBook. If your anti Apple then go for a Sony vaio if you want to just go into a store and get a laptop or Dell if you want to customize it.

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MacBook Pro.

I’ve had a Titanium PowerBook (the grandfather to the MacBook Pro if you will) for 7 years now. Aside from work, I’ve taken it to China and Italy and it STILL runs like a charm.

I was just using Photoshop on it the other day.

As beautiful as they are, however, I wouldn’t recommend the 17” model. Too cumbersome and difficult to find bags for.

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Take a look at notebook review and notebook forum . I have always found them helpful.

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Stick with Macs. Unlike with PCs, their are relatively no viruses for Macs.

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