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I've been thinking of moving to BELIZE upon retiring. Can you please give me some advice, about living there?

Asked by JackAdams (6574points) October 6th, 2008

I’ve read much on the Central American nation of BELIZE, and if what I have read is indeed correct, the cost of living is certainly much better down there (I could get a decent apartment there, for only US$200/month), and it is the only nation in that region, where the official language is English.

I’ve never been there; I’ve only visited Mexico (which borders it) a few times, but I have heard from others that the locals are friendly towards (and accepting of) USA citizens, the weather is terrific, the women are gorgeous, and the food is “sensational!”

The official tourism website isn’t gonna tell me anything bad aboout the place, of course, and I can definitely afford to visit there, prior to moving, if I wish.

However, if you have ever visited there, have lived there (or are living there now), or know someone who has done either, I’d appreciate reading your comments, pro or con, and I’m grateful for whatever advice you might be able to offer me. Thanks!

Depending on who gets elected president next month, I might leave even sooner than retirement age. And yes, I would retain my USA citizenship.

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The women love Americans.

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I own a home on Ambergris Caye and it is definitely more expensive than you think, there. The mainland is less expensive but still more expensive than Mexico or Guatemala. The women in Belize don’t look anything like the pictures you referenced (at least in general). The people are friendly and don’t have a chip on their shoulders like the Bahamians and some others in the Caribbean. My best advice is to go there and look around. Spend a couple of weeks traveling the country as it is quite diverse (jungle, beach, mountains). It is still quite primitive there compared to Mexico and I greatly prefer it but don’t fool yourself that it is Paradise. It isn’t but it is still a wonderful place.
Kind Regards, Martin

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Move to Ecuador, smaller, cheaper, and everything is so close!

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I won’t live in any nation where the official language isn’t English.

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There are parts of Mexico that are so riddled with American and Canadian
retirees that you’d think you were in Florida. Cuernavaca is expensive but has the best weather in the world (73 Fahrenheit all year round). Melaque’s beachfront is full of English speakers – you only have to speak Spanish if you walk six blocks inland where Mexican life thrives on your dollars (though those are worth less and less all the time, thank you GWB). La Manzanilla is a beautiful little town full of life and American money, and if you like cities, Puerto Vallarta is a bigger version. Merida, Yucatan, is full of great available houses and has a strong English-speaking community. Just food for thought.

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Don’t worry, wherever you go, everybody speaks english

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You would think so, but that’s not always the case, as I discovered when I toured Italy, Germany and Austria, as well as Mexico.

Yes, lots of folks (mostly the younger ones) do speak English fluently (and in some nations, English is a required language in school), but I have discovered that sometimes, many people, if they do not wish to interact with you, PRETEND to be “English ignorant.”

It works, in many cases.

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“I won’t live in any nation where the official language isn’t English.”

Ha ha ha Jack, you’d better get packing! English isn’t the official language of the U.S.!
(We don’t have one.)

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Touché! (Good catch!)


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Edit: “I won’t live in any OTHER nation where the official language isn’t English.”

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nice use of highlighting ;-)

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You’re right.

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i am also looking into moving to Belize in the san pedro area, however i am not looking to retire there as im still in my early 20s… does anyone have any idea on how hard it is to aquire any type of work there? Im open to anything and am mostly just looking for a job to help support my stay. Any suggestions?

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Nice little drug economy there.
Retirement income?

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